May 30th, 2005


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Hi, I'm Sehar. I'm 14 & live in California; But i'm not a California girl. I hate California alot, it's become way too scene. As much as it kind-of annoys me, I know alot of my friends are scene & I can be scene at times too. I love photography & music. That's pretty much my life right there. I'm best friends with an amazing girl named Gina Mei. I love her more than anything. & she's pretty much my life as well. I went to a beauty school for hairstyles & makeup a year ago, which was one of the best experiences of my life. I wear alot of makeup & some people are annoyed by it. But I think it's amazing. All of my friends come to me for advice, which is an amazing feeling. I think being able to help your friends out & make them feel like someone understands them & won't go give out their secerts is a great way to be a true friend, which most people are starting to lack. I tend to be shallow, conceited, bitchy, & have a big ego at times; But it's all fake. It's a wall I put up against new people that I don't exactly know. But i'm quite nice once you get to know me.

Add me first.
Unless you are a 50 year old pervert, I will add you back.
You should comment, because if you don't, I'll un-add you.
I don't comment unless you do.
Meaning, One comment from you = One comment from me.
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if you wanna add me as a friend.... im 99.9% sure i'll add your sweet ass back........... so love me? add me!

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18. single. in love with best friend. diverse. accepting.
loveable. entusiatic. not judgemental. doesnt like to be judged.
says fuck,shit,cunt. takes drugs. wishes she had the body to strip.
jobless/wants a job. deep thinker. addicted to pictures. lives in
texas. misses new mexico. wants to travel the world. wants to be a
mother. loves to help people. loves her sisters more than life.
home-body. never bored. stays up days at a time. loves cheddar
cheese. talkative. moody. saracstic. random. pothead. likes
uppers. laughing. inside jokes are hot. loves memories. loves child
like activitys.
hates her stomach. whines only to her sisters. cares
more about her sisters than anyone. couldnt live without her sisters.
craves freedom. doesnt stand for abuse of any kind, towards anyone.
independent. understanding. unique. honest. trust worthy. people lover,
not pleaser. stong. kind. passionate. funny. makes herself laugh.
 loves blockbuster movie nights. emotional. loves summer/beaches.
oudoors is awesome. loves-loves-loves deep conversations.  favorite
color is green. likes to stick out her tounge. has a come back for most anything.
makes funny faces.