May 29th, 2005


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My name is Sarai and I am 20.

I am an artist. I like to make jewelry and other little thigs out random beer bottle caps, nails, washers and screws. I like to paint and draw, but my passion is Photography. I also play the piano and the drums.

I like to listen to alternative music. Placebo, smashing pumpkins, auf der maur, death cab for cutie, the postal service, ben folds, the dressden dolls, the pixies, the breeders, operation ivy, the cranberries, etc.

I just did a major friends clean up and rid of my other journal because it consited of too many people that knew me in real life and started to judge me based on my thoughts. I want knew opinions and perspectives and I like to have very intellectual and open discussion about my life, aswell as being very straightfoward and opinionated on how someone could handle a situation.

So add me if you find me interesting.

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Hi everyone...i'm SO not good at the "add me, i'm cool, I promise!" thing, so bear with me if this gets really lame...I'm looking to meet some new friends. I love reading people's journals and about people's experiences in life in a bit about me...

I'm Miranda...i'm 24 from Milwaukee, WI.
I'm a senior at the University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee majoring in everything.
My heaven would look like a mix between Half Price Books and Lambeau Field.
I think cereal should have its own food group.
I'm a really friendly person, and if you add me you can expect lots of awesome comments. :)
I use smiley faces excessively.
I love dogs, the Pistons, ice cream, homestarrunner and thoughtful discussions.
I welcome making friends with different interests and opinions, I like to be challenged.
I would love to host my own sports or political debate show someday, and get paid shameless amounts of money to air my opinions on everything.
I'm clumsy, absentminded, incredibly silly and prone to losing things

...I was always the last person to get picked in kickball...Help erase my childhood inferiority complex by picking me today! :) Add me or comment and i'd love to add you back. :)
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