May 28th, 2005

Smile for me

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Name: Jay


I dont really care wat music you listen to or anything like that. Just as long as your a cool person we'll get along just fine

Dont add me if: Your a bible thumper, homophobe, racist.. or just a plain asshole.. and trust me you know whether you're an ass or not , or if you just want a really looong friends list


Check out tha journal and if you like what you see add me!

Oh and add me because i really really comment! ( honest i really do!)



im ashley. im 16. yeah i can be loud at times. i tend to talk to much but hey thats what makes me fun.
umm just started another lj because i really dont want the people i go to school reading everything i post bc well its a little bit too much information and yeah. honestly you can check my posted comments on my other lj mysillymistakes
to check if i commet. ive had that one under a month so yeah i do comment. add my newest lj though! bc well you'll get to know me better off this one vs my everyone i hang out with can read this lj.


"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"