May 19th, 2005

Lookin for new friends!

Im obsessed with my Livejournal. Ive joined an addme community like this before but wasnt really successful with finding anyone really exciting and loved to comment as much as I do.

My name is Ashleigh. Im 19 years old. And I live in Massachusetts. I love cats, dolphins, writing...all kinds of stuff really! My favorite music is from Rufus Wainwright, Barenaked Ladies, Gavin DeGraw, and Butterfly Boucher. But I listen to absolutely anything.

Some of my favorite movies include Hedwig And The Angry Inch, Rocky Horror Picture Show, Heavenly Creatures, and Desperate Living. I love Kate Winslet. Shes my role model. Ive seen all her movies and I adore her.

Im sure youve seen a million and one of these entries pleading people to add them to their friends list. So I dont know what I can say to have you add me...but Ill admit, Im a really fun girl with a great personality and I absolutely love to comment! I update and check my friends page multiple times a day. Im especially looking to add more boys to my journal. All my friends are girls it seems! Not enough boys here in LJ!

If you want to see my picture or anything like that, I have about 10 of them on my Myspace. Which is

If you decide that you want to add me, please comment IN MY JOURNAL and NOT on this entry. I would appreciate it! Thanks!

EDITI forgot to mention that I only want INTELLEGENT people on my friends list. People who actually write meaningful entries and dont TyPe LYke DiS OMFGWTFLOL(@&%#! Thats annoying as hell.


Hey people I'm joining this community cuz I like reading people's entries and I like to comment.  I have a good couple of friends on my list but I'm not the kind of person to add people just for an extensive friends list, but I would like more people to check out my mindless rants.  I'm lookin for people not much younger than me although I dont think that's possible considering alot of the LJ world is under 17.


+Suzie+24 yrs old in a few days+lesbian+grad school student+Philly area+alternative music--garbage, the cranberries, disturbed, system of a down, adema, etc. etc.+movies--pshychological thrillers are the best: vanilla sky, identity, the forgotten, etc. + not a morning person + if you wanna know anything else just look at my Info or read some of my shit.  A lot of my entries are meaningless but they'll make you laugh.

I'm not a serious person. I like to laugh and say dumb things. If you're like me and just don't wanna grow up then add me and I'll add you back.

big fat kisses for you!!!


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I am not 15!!! I will be 17 in 3 months...Well i have lots more pics on my user info page along with a little more about me.please only add me if your actually going to comment!! (ignore my user name,its a long story!! also//i have 52 friends on lj and 89 people have me listed as there i must be doing someithing right,lol. Posted: 3,323 - Received: 986////that makes me sad!

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Hello, I'm a 16 year old girl from India. I love making new friends and also reading journals. Yes, I do comment on almost every entry but I don't spam. I don't want to make friends with completely brainless people who talk about nothing but sex.
Bands - Linkin Park, Blink 182, Maroon 5, Green Day etc.
Fandom - Harry Potter, Lord of the Rings
Yes, I am a ardent and hard core fan!! I go on for hours and hours about it.
I expect you to make sensible comments. Not necessarily on all entries on most of them atleast.
Check out my userinfo or interests to know more about me. Comment on my journal to add me. I'd be most happy to add you back :P
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hey guys

I recently joined this group because.. i like to read and comment about peoples lives and also because i want some friends to talk to. Can be both males or Females.
So now I shall start by introducing myself.

My name is Tegan and i am 20 years old. I live in Victoria, Australia.
I have a boyfriend called Andrew and a baby called Hayden.

Things i like are:
 horse riding.. listening to music.. playing sports.. hanging out with friends.. Going to crash and bash (car racing) and many other things.

I like animals such as: Cats.. Dolphins and Horses

Things i am not into are: drugs.. cyber talk.. webcaming and not into talking dirty.

I will not: Add anyone that is mean to other uses and is racist!

If you want to know more.. just comment and or add me =)

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Girl.Scottsdale, Arizona.

Bands;Bright Eyes, Cursive, The Postal Service, The Blood Brothers, He Is Legend, Fear Before The March Of Flames, Thursday, The Academy Is, Daughters, Some Girls, HIPV, Thrice, I Can Make A Mess.., Spitalfield, Unearth, Between The Buried & Me, Norma Jean, The Chinese Stars, Fall Out Boy, The Unicorns, ZAO, Rilo Kiley

Likes;sirens, seeing airplanes, toasting marshmallows, morning hair, feeling amazed, local shows, panda express, smoothies, walking downtown, thinking in the rain, watching the stars, cloudy days, pj bottoms, ice cubes, rolling down hills, canned fruit, dine-oh-saurs, burning up the dance floor, screaming terribly obscene things.