May 17th, 2005

New member!

Hello all!
My name is Shiloh, I'm 27 & I live in Tampa, Florida.
I'm looking for some new LJ friends - I found this community & decided to join!
You can see a little more about me by viewing my user info page under my LJ. If you think that we have a lot in common & are interested in getting to know me more - please leave a comment under this post.
Thanks for your time & have a wonderful day!

Oh, & one last thing . . .
Please add me 'cause I really really comment!
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I'm new

Hey everyone, my name is Melissa. I'm 22, going to school to be a lawyer. I got one of these things to just kind of release my emotions when there's no one else I'm in need of some new friends who don't personally know me so if I'm having a really hard time I can get some true input from them. As well as a few comments here and there on some poems that I write, because I dont let my friends read it because it's kind of embarassing, I know I shouldn't be like that at all, but I am. Sorry this is such a ramble, I hope to here from you soon.
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(no subject)

Hay everyone! I just got a new live journal and Im looking for some friends. Add me if u like;)

Name-Becky Velasquez
Age-13(will be 14 on May 28!)
Music-The Killers,My Chemical Romance,Blink-182,Led Zepplin,Pearl Jam,Oaisis,3 Doors Down......u get the point right?
Celeb Obssesions-Ashton Kutcher,Chad Michael Murray,Adam Brody
Hobbies-Playing violin,reading,live journal,being with my friends,internet
Fave stores-American Eagle,Aeropostle,Gazooks,Buckle,Target,Forever 21,Claries
Well thats just the basics,I guess. I hope you add me cause I do comment a lot! I try to comment like on almost every entry and i update quite often. So ya,plz add me!
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