May 15th, 2005

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*Lookin' for mature people to add to my journal, I don't really care if you comment.*




*3 cats (Hummer, Sonny, and Cleo)

*Just moving in with the boyfriend and having a baby on October 29th

*I'd like to warn you, I swear alot, maybe you can tell by my friends only page, lol.

*I'm kinda.. random. ;]

*PS I don't add perverted boys. the end.


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I had a friends cut a while back and now I don't have that many friends:( My name is Nicole. I LOVE reading and commenting on friends journals. Makes me feel better about not having much of a life. I am extremely weird....sometimes. I'm obsessed with piercings(my belly button, eyebrow, and ears are pierced and I want my lip pierced) but I'm terrified of needles. Like I said, weird. I live in the polar wasteland of Wisconsin but soon I am moving to Iowa.....again. I am 16 almost 17 but sometimes I can be immature. Only sometimes though. I love hanging with my friends and acting like a moron. Malls are fun. Especially when you can go up and bug random people. I love taking stupid pictures of me and my friends. I seriously dislike cocky people and homophobes. Other than that though I like pretty much everybody. I love making new friends!!

Add me 'cause I really really comment.
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16 years old > Female > 11th Grade >
I love readin about other peoples lives and I do comment
and well yeah, I need some damn friends.
So dont be silly....
psssst- Add me?

oh yeah... and hey add me! 'cause i really really comment. lol
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Hi, My name's Janelle :)

-I dig anything and everything.
-I am a comment whore.
-I love making new friends. No matter who you are, I like you.
-I expect comments, not alot but just so I know your reading my journal.
-I love to listen to peoples problems, rants, opinions, etc.

So, I guess this is it. Post in my friends only entry or here and I'll add you back. :)

Wtf are you waiting for? ADD ME!

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Ashley. fifteen; girl; actress; July 19th ; Alabama; highschool freshman; single; tall; blue eyes; blond hair; black eyeliner.


LIKES. drama; painting; aniamls; music; movies; Garden State; televistion; sad songs; love songs; singing; dancing; looking at the stars; the beach; daffodills.


 Lyrics I Love- I swear that I can go on forever again Please let me know that my one bad day will end I will go down as your lover, your friend Give me your lips and with one kiss we begin--

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♥ her name is ashley
♥ she's thirteen years old
♥ she lives in new jersey, usa
♥ she just got a new lj and wants you to add her

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ BANDS; the ataris. my chemical romance. the used. the killers. senses fail. yellowcard. green day. taking back sunday. fall out boy. goo goo dolls. jimmy eat world. maroon 5. dashboard confessional. hawthorne heights. planes mistaken for stars. modest mouse. the starting line. poison the well. story of the year. thrice. many more.

♥ TV SHOWS; Punk'd, America's Next Top Model, Next, The Newlyweds, there's more, i just can't think now.

now, before you go and add me without knowing a thing about me i'd like to give you some quick facts. fun, yes?

♥ i have a very low self esteem and have very little(if any) confidence in myself
♥ i have a dog named fluffy who isn't fluffy
♥ i play soccer
♥ i am an EXTREMELY picky eater.
♥ i over-obsess over small things and i'm VERY dramatic.

sound interesting? i hope so, i'm not so good at these introduction-y type things.. BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO AND ADD ME. why? because i love you, that's why.