May 14th, 2005

hayden christensen

add me!

copy pasted from my info:

Im Kayla. Im the coolest person you will ever meet. I love you. I love everyone I meet. Even if I hate you, I still love you. I like every kind of music. I like all movies. I like every style of clothes. I like to pick bouquets of dandelions. I am prochoice. My favorite part of roses is the thorns. I have 4 alteregos. I love long hair. I like guys...and girls. Sometimes I see things and have an urge to take a picture of them. I think that everyone has an essence that they should protect. I used to be able to see auras. I skipped grades, however I am stupid. I like to be very close to people, and big empty spaces scare me. ill get 2 hours of sleep every night for a week, and the next week Ill get 12 hours of sleep every night. I am very random. I eat way too much, but I am not overweight. I fall in love easily. I have a lot of scars. I wear fishnets, and short skirts. I love hipbones. I like to touch people. I wish that I had a really long tongue. White bikinis make people look hot. I love hugging people. I only played with Barbies until I was about 4. My favorite color is black. I love rainbows. I love diversity. Tall men are cool. I wear the same rainbow headband everyday. Fat people disgust me. I dont like really confident people. Sometimes I hate people for no apparent reason, but just because you cant think of a reason for me to not like them, and just because I wont tell you one, it doesnt mean I dont have one. Om is a powerful word. I am afraid of the dark, unless I am very close to another person. And never forget, I love you.
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I haven't posted in an addme community for a while, but I just cleaned out my friends list and I'm looking for people who like to give and receive comments.

I'm too lazy to type out a long bio about myself. If any of this interests you, check out my user info and comment on my friends only banner to be added. I'm not picky. I'll add anyone as long as you're not ignorant, racist, homophobic, stupid, etc. Make sure we at least have something in common though.


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