May 12th, 2005

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+ female
+ sixteen
+ pagan
+ comment whore

a few bands i'm into:
placebo, the cure, the ramones, sex pistols, the tea party, flogging molly, fiona apple, tori amos, alice cooper, george, inxs, him.
a few movies i like:
practical magic, girl interrupted, the breakfast club, sixteen candles, the craft, the crow, weird science, waynes world, bill and teds excellent adventure.

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Add me because i rock & because my name is Courtney.

-Im a comment whore
-I post ALOT of pictures
-i dont take up your friends page by updating 930182740813274 times a day
-Im better than your current LJ friends,I bet i comment more than them too.
-I have pictures on my LJ right now.Just look at the other entrys. LOLOLOL
-i actually know how to use a cut<3
-And i love photography

Bands; New found glory, NOFX, Anti-Flag ,Thursday,Yellowcard,Sugarcult,The matches,Letter kills,The F ups,Death by sterio,hawthorne heights,The killers,Taking back sunday,Ramones,And many more!

So add me ight cuh?

Oh and if you add me make sure you add me first?
and dont take me off. I may not be online when you add me.