May 10th, 2005

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Name? Why, It's Rachel.


+ READ the journals not just skim.
+ COMMENT. (I actually do LIKE it)
+ Give advice, opinions. (good or bad, though)
+ Like to goof around alot. Act like a kid. =)
+ I love life! I also have my blah entries so hope you don't mind.

- If you are against anyone because of their sex, age, color, preferences, etc. Don't add me. I don't have time to deal with your immaturity.
- I expect comments back. I hate it when people add me to make their lists bigger or just to GET comments.
- I tend to be random..and talk about my family, boyfriend, friends alot. If you don't mind yay for you. If you do..I'm not someone you want to add.
- Please, please, please, D0n'T TyPe LykE ThIs. It makes me go blind.

I am also 16, turning 17 very shortly. I can be very mature, and also can act like a kid. I'm not looking for anyone in particular just someone who likes to have fun and can be serious too. Anyone can add me. =D

Have a wonderful day!

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-19 Yrs of age-
- I reside in mass-
-I skateboard-
-I party, alot.-
-I have a broken<3heart-
-I have a new bf, that I don't even get along with-
-I comment way too much-
-I love tps, tguk, frou frou, elliott smith (musical god), pete yorn, h.i.m, atreyu, the blood brothers. and much more-
-Add me 'cause I really really comment ;)-

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Boy. Fourteen.
Interpol; Death Cab For Cutie; Death From Above 1979; The Blood Brothers and Fallout Boy.
Photography; Art; Scarves; Autum and Jones Soda.
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