May 3rd, 2005


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Hmm this is my first post so i should introduce myself. Hello everybody my names Alex. I'm 19, currently going to college and seeing the world for the first time y'know. So far i like it though and the people i've met are really interesting. I'd like to find more interesting people and i figure this is as good a place as any to look. I like meeting new people. It's too bad i'm so shy irl. I'm also kindof dorky but its not contaigous though so dont worry. =)I've got a really cool poem on my info page about why i'm on livejournal! You should read it.

Oh yes "Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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add me! you will ♥ me. i'm sixteen (almost 17 on the 20th). i might look 12 though, haha sorry.
i had a secret friends cut and im lackin interesting friends at the moment.
i'm a big comment & lj whore in general. i hope to have the same back.
i love people who update 9048320943 times a day. because i do aswell.
i love people who post lots of pictures, because i do aswell. lj cuts aren't needed for me :)
you can find more out about me on my info page.
(beware of that by the way, currently under construction)
and since most people have to post a pic to get attention.

heres me!
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heres my st bernard puppy that i just got in march & me.. i love to post pics of him. :)
(he gets his name Pimp from that last picture, look how he plays me off.)

&& i love that im openminded.
you might not like a lot of the stuff i do.
and thats cool with me :)

comment here or in my friends only post so that i can add you back.
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