May 1st, 2005

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hii ♥

name-allyson elizabeth
sex- well, i think it's obvs that i'm a girl
i live in new york, long island...whoopieee. i like it here.
i comment alot, right now lj is fucking with my friends page though, so if i don't comment immediatly it's cause it's not fixed yet :x
i'm seventeen, eighteen in july.
i try not to write boring stuff, but we all do sometimes, i post alot of pictures usually.
incase you're wondering what i look like -
music- electronica [fav!!], hardcore, jazz, ska, indie, metal, i guess a little bit of "emo" too. i like the blood brothers (yeah i know who doesnt?) and the faint alot.

well, ya, add me if ya like <3
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you've been jinxxed.

i really like ice cream. i always have headphones on. i comment on all my friends lj's. if you add me, i'll add you back.

facts about me:
i'm really nerdy when you get to know me.
i'm a computer loser.
i love hugs.
i'm really gangster.
i like wendy's a lot.
i own 21 watches.
i like makeup, but only tacky makeup.
i like christmas light.
i paint and do photography.
i love my girlfriend.
i have no hair.

sound good?

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    The Lashes - Its your party