April 30th, 2005

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I'm Tori, I'm sixteen, & I love being strange. I normally take a lot of pictures, post a lot of poetry, & talk about my somewhat normal life. I love musical theater, Johnny Depp, & horror movies. I'm obsessed with vampires, music, & literature. I play the piano, the guitar, & I take voice lessons. I love dancing in my underwear & randomly breaking out into song. New friends make me smile.

I also have a myspace.

Add me cause I really really comment!

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The name's Kizzy. I'm almost 14, 5'5 & 129 lbs, a Mary-Kate fanatic,
& when i get older i'd like to peirce my lip, tounge, or eyebrow peirced.
i love to dye my hair colours like red, purple & blue but right now it's just boring.
i also love writing, reading, drawing and of course my computer ;]
I love Full house, Gilmore Girls, Invader Zim, Seether, Daniel Handler, Anything with caffiene,
edgar allen/an poe, daniel handler, the perks of being a wallflower, danny elfman & tim burton.

I'll comment on your journal if you'll comment on mine, but otherwise i won't waste the time on someone who won't comment once in a while.
Add me? Comment on the friends only entry IN MY JOURNAL & NOT HERE