April 29th, 2005


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~Likes&Dislikes=look up userinfo! x=)
~Bands/musicians:The Killers,The Used,The Streets,My Chemical Romance,Postal Service,Papa Roach,White Stripes,Sum 41,Franz Ferdinand,Metallica,Nirvana,Taking Back Sunday,Billy Talent,Boy,Chucky Danger Band,Blink 182,Ciara,Ashanti,Modest Mouse,Simple Plan...and loads more!
~I'm a social disaster
~I'm fun and LOOOOVE to have fun!
~Have lots of great friends whom I love to death x=)
~Looking for friends with similar interests
~Known on lj as watch_it_i_bite
~Journal is friends only..so leave a comment here and on my lj! x=)
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comments R us

Hey people, Ive only been on LJ a short while, but I love it so far. I only wish I recieved more comments than I gave. My F- list sucks and Im in need of some new friends.
I love to comment and drop knowledge on other people's lj.
I get along with pretty much everybody except stupid people. Ive run into enough of them in my time to not like them. and Im sure you dont either.
Well, check out my interest page, and if u like to give comments as much as I do..then hit me back.
BTW: my name is Sam, and im from Texas.

Add me cause I really, really comment!

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