April 27th, 2005

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I'm not new to livejournal, but have made a new journal.
I'm looking for NEW & INTERESTING friends.
I don't care iF y3w tYp3 LyKE D!z or anything...
I'm quite smart enough to read your sticky CAPS.
I don't really have any guidelines.

Most people want to add older people,
I don't really care one way or the other.
I admit that I'd like some younger friends...
even people under 16.
Mainly because I love giving advice,
I was there once and love to give my input.
Plus I like younger people!
Older people are fun for one reason,
younger people are fun for a different one!

I like all kinds of things!
...from Street Punk to EDM to Abercrombie to Tripp to Whips to Vodka to Glitter to Pink.
There are a lot of things listed in my profile.

I'm way fun and interesting.


ENTRY!!! Please.

I really want some friends



Looking for some new LJ friends who comment,
I promise to comment back.

Basically get along with everyone
except those few... grrr

Looove music (I practically listen to everything)

Loves to dress up. Easily bored. Fussy.

-I am a very random person.
-I am photogenic.
-I like to drink hot chocolate.
-I curse like a sailor when I'm angry.
-I love meeting new people.
-I’m also really smart at times… when I feel like it

Often update. I write lots of interesting and thoughtful entries, usually with pictures.

Don't Add Me If:
-You don't ever comment
-You only want your friends page to get bigger

Add Me, and leave a message on my Friends Only Entry to let me know.



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hey lovers and friends ♥
new here

im addicted to livejournal
just recently made a private journal so that
i could really be honest with everyone without worrying about friends reading my entries
its not that i dont trust them i just want the freedom to write what i want

my name is stephanie and im sixteen years old
my birthday is in january
im in a rehab program and 49 days sober
i love softball; i pitch but i had to quit this season cause of rehab but ill be back to it in the summer

i comment a shitload if you comment on my journal.
i always become best friends with my lj readers. so pweeze add me to be apart of my most honest journal yet

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'Ello, all. I'm Brittany and i'm nearly fourteen (may 17th :) )
i'm an mk fanatic. don't make fun of that plzkthx.
i'm in the eighth grade, in the class of 2009. yep, i know, i'm young.
When i get older i want to have my lip, tounge or eyebrow peirced.. i love percings. Currently have six.
I love to dye my hair pretty colours like red, blue & purple.
I love to Write, Read, Draw and Play the computer.
I love Full house, Gilmore Girls, Invader Zim, Seether, Daniel Handler, Anything with caffiene, edgar allen/an poe, daniel handler, the perks of being a wallflower, danny elfman & tim burton.

i've had my journal since march 25th 2004. addicted.
Sooo, add me? Comment ON MY FRIENDS ONLY ENTRY here.

I comment alot, but you dont comment on mine i'm not gonna comment on yours. thanks.

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My name is Araceli and I'm 18, currently in San Antonio, Texas. I started this journal because I wanted a clean slate. You know we all have those moments. I was also getting tired of people slamming me down on my other one. I like to give people helpful advise, so ADD ME COZ I REALLY REALLY COMMENT!!!!!