April 26th, 2005

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i just made a new journal (i'm not new to lj) and looking for people to add with similar interets.

+ female
+ sixteen
+ pagan
+ comment whore

a few bands i'm into:
placebo, the cure, the ramones, sex pistols, the tea party, flogging molly, fiona apple, tori amos, alice cooper, george, inxs, him.
a few movies i like:
practical magic, girl interrupted, the breakfast club, sixteen candles, the craft, the crow, weird science, waynes world, bill and teds excellent adventure.

add me and i will add you back :)

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Well i have lots more pics on my user info page along with a little more about me.please only add me if your actually going to comment!! (ignore my user name,its a long story!! also//i have 38 frineds on lj and 66 people have me listed as there friends...so i must be doing someithing right,lol. Comments: Posted: 2,415 - Received: 719////that makes me sad!

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Age:Fifteen (sixteen in august)
Music:Rock(punk/classic/alt/indie/whatever) I hate pop and rap. I can't stand to listen to it, it gives me a headache.
Movies:Monty Python, Harry Potter, LOTR, Ferris Bueller's Day Off, Donnie Darko, Napoleon Dynamite, Anything with Johnny Depp (Except that Gilbert Grape movie, because I just don't like it..), The Incredibles, Classic Disney movies, Kill Bill, and like a millllllion more. I love movies. Not always a fan of the "chick flicks" though..
Books:(Yes, I read.) Harry Potter series, Dreamland, To Kill a Mockingbird, Night, Violet and Claire, the Georgia Nicholson series, Fearless series..lots of other stuff..

LOST is my favorite tv show in the whole world. I get along with all kinds of people

I like getting comments. If you comment, I'll comment. It's really not that hard.

Check out MySpace.

And of course...Add me 'cause I really really comment!
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HI! So my name is Neil. I live in Plainview, NY (it's on Long Island). I am 18 years old and currently attend the George Washington University in Washington DC. I would really prefer anyone that comments or adds me to be from either Washington DC or New York because having friends who live far away hurts cuz i want to spend time with them but can't. Anyone I am currently friends with on LJ rarely comments on mine if at all. I comment rather regualarly. I don't necessarily comment on every post, but on most. I'm very opinionated and also very into music and politics. I'm also rather silly at times because I believe in basically doing anything for the sake of fun. For example I currently have a heart shaved in the side of my head. Why? I think its funny. I do that type of thing a lot. I'm a bit weird. But yea, please comment and add me - i love talking to people and getting to know people. I'm caring and honest. fuck, i feel like i'm taking out a personal ad here. i'm going to stop rambling ...... now.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
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Of Course You Should Add Me!

I'm about to complete my third year as a civil engineering major at Case Western Reserve University. It's been a difficult year, and I'm looking forward to having some time off, even if I will (hopefully) be at an internship.

My entries tend to be fairly entertaining. I don't post silly surveys that everyone else posts 1000 times - I try to keep my posts as original as possible. I like to post my own polls, many of which tend to be quite wacky and random (example: pro-wombat or pro-platypus?).

I dress like a complete preppie, but my politics skew quite a bit to the left. I believe in open-mindedness and change as opposed to clinging to rigidity and tradition. I'm PR Coordinator for our campus's undergrad LGBTTQQIAA alliance, Spectrum, and I'm also an active member of the campus's Feminist Majority Leadership Alliance (FMLA), as well as the Case Democrats and also the Case Ballroom Dancing Society (we also do Latin, swing, and salsa dancing).

I'm a hopeless romantic, and I love classic cartoons (ESPECIALLY Popeye and the Road Runner), Star Trek, The L Word, Desperate Housewives, and cheesecake. I like many types of music, ranging from Mariah Carey to Sheryl Crow to bhangra to the latest Nelly hit.

I prefer to add people to my Friends list who are around my age - I'm 21 - but older than me is fine too :-)

I comment when I can - even when I'm quite busy, I still try to get to commenting around at least once a week. I DEFINITELY like it when people comment on my entries - often I ask for advice on something or pose a topic for discussion.

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