April 25th, 2005


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im kate. im not gunna go into a huge thing
explaining myself or what my favorite color is.
i post a whole lot of pictures and a rarely
complain. i comment alot cause i never sleep.

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Add me 'cause I really really comment
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I just started this journal and I am starting to get better about posting frequently. I really do comment and as messed up as my life can be sometimes I am most considerate of other people. My friends come first and I value people's input more than anything, especially here on LJ. So ADD ME I COMMENT!

add me?

hey, I'm Kim ♥
check out my userinfo for some basic stuff on me =D
but.. if you're too lazy; I live in the middle east, recently moving from australia *sigh* I'm calm but sometimes hyper. I like manga, jpop, food XD, graphic-making, internet, friends..and lots of stuff.

I like to comment when theres something to say, [which is most of the time ;D]. I don't really hate any type of journals, just don't annoy me? oh and my journal is friends only...

well, whatcha waiting for?
"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
hayden christensen

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Hey im kayla. im a freshman (high school)im not really sure what i should say, cuz im not that great at introductions So I guess Ill just say random facts about myself. Im pretty mature for my age when i want to be. But when I dont want to be, Im really really hyper and energetic. I like livejournal because I like meeting new people and making new friends and stuff. I like just about every kind of music that exists, and I like most movies that I see. So basically everyone should add me because I relate to most people, and I actually care about what is in my friend's journals unlike some people that only want to increase the size of their friend's lists but whatever. You should add me even if u are one of those people because I still want to read your journal. Ill add anyone, no matter what. I hate discrimination of all kinds, racism, sexism, homophobia, I hate it all. I just wanted to mention that.Well anyway, this is getting sort of long,so just add me. <3

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