April 17th, 2005

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My name's Steph. I'm 17.. from Sydney Australia. I'm obsessed with movies, tea and Photoshop. My interests vary from theatre, Louis Armstrong, Dean Martin, and Gone With The Wind, to Tarantino, skateboarding, punk rock, moshing, paintball, graff art, and photography. I love meeting new people, and reading journals because I find it nice to hear about other peoples' dramas and daily activity. I'm lonely these days hahaha so I don't mind who it is, feel free to add me if you want :-)
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Hey. My name's Ashley and I'm a 19 year old college sophomore living in New Jersey. I'm pretty cool so you should add me just because. If you want to know more, check out my journal's sidebar and my user info. I also posted a picture of myself in my most recent post, but it's friends only so I'll have to add you first. Sorry. :)
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