April 14th, 2005

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State:Neww Yorkk
Music:Rap +HipHop +Reggae +Pop +Rock
Favorite Color:Pink +Red +Black
Favorite Bands/Artists:Eminem, Green Day, Guns n Roses, etc.

add me + then i'll add u !

hello =)

Age: 16
State: Mass-a-cheezits
Music: alternative, rock, punk, ska....
Favorite Color: GREEEEEN
Favorite Bands/Artists: saves the day, incubus, postal service, FATA, those are just to name a few.

so anywho, everyone needs to add me to their friends list, ill add you back, then you can read my super awesome posts, and leave super awesome comments.

p.s. you can see what i look like here

lookin for new friends on lj :)

♥ Christine Avery
♥ 20
♥ girl
♥ i love music, fashion and sports
♥ add me because i comment A LOT
♥ and i'd love to meet some new friends
♥ friends that i can talk to on lj or aim
♥ so please add me, comment on my lj averybaby and i'll add you back :)

♥ ♥ ♥ I love YOU sooooooo much!!! ♥ ♥ ♥
elven glare

I do comment in the journals of those who comment in mine

Okay, self confessed comment whore, but I give as good as I get :)From southwest England in a small fishing town...

25 years old, female, pagan, thespian also have acted on TV, film maker, writer, anticapitalist, non-conformist.. I am in a punk band, and I am bipolar.

I have a mad sense of humour, and post most days of the week, about life, rants, and antics of the day, I try to do a picspam at least once a week now as well.

LOVES: paganism, fb swaps, creative writing, theatre/film/TV acting, sleeping, paranormal, ancient mysteries/ lost civilisations, vodka/absinthe, Japanese martial arts, anticapitalism, hippies/new-age-travellers, history, gothic/mediaval clothes, antique books, sleeping, enviromentalism, nature, the sea, samurai, cats (dont have one but want one) sci fi, fantasy, Lord of the Rings, occult, human and animal rights, charity projects, non-conformity, penpals, university.......

HATES: racists, 9 - 5 work, uniforms, suits, fashion, pinkness, capitalism, makeup, plastic bags, wastefulness, superficiality, dishonesty, non-commenters, cruelty to people or animals, hexes, Sanrio, religious hate..

All people welcome: male/female, gay/straight, aethist/pagan/christain/muslim/Hindu/Buddhist/anything else, any race or nationality...

My journal is friends only, comment to be added.. I comment back..

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Add me because i rock & because my name is Courtney.

-Im a comment whore
-I post ALOT of pictures
-i dont take up your friends page by updating 930182740813274 times a day
-Im better than your current LJ friends,I bet i comment more than them too.
-I have pictures on my LJ right now.Just look at the other entrys. LOLOLOL
-i actually know how to use a cut<3
-And i love photography

Bands; New found glory, NOFX, Anti-Flag ,Thursday,Yellowcard,Sugarcult,The matches,Letter kills,The F ups,Death by sterio,hawthorne heights,The killers,Taking back sunday,Ramones,And many more!

So add me ight cuh?

Oh and if you add me make sure you add me first?
and dont take me off. I may not be online when you add me.

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♥I'm 15

♥Looking for uber neato new friends for LJ

♥I'm super silly and my entries are fun.

♥Most entries have pictures

♥I'm totally rad.

♥Probably more rad then you are, so seriously, lets be friends.

♥Pic: Image hosted by Photobucket.com

♥Double you tee eff, go add me right now.

♥Do I sound desperate?

pruple chick

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So, I just returned to the wide world of LJ and thought I should get some new friends. I can comment a lot, but not on every single post. I don’t expect people to comment on every post of mine, either. I’ll comment on most, and every now and again comment saying how I can’t think of anything to say but I did read it ^.^

Few quick things about me – I live in South Florida, I’m only 16, I love and perform in the local Rocky Horror Picture Show, I can be a sci-fi nerd, I love all music passionately, and I am very pro-choice.

Reasons you should add me are – I rarely have bitch posts (weepy posts about how much my life sucks digging for pity) and I’ve been told that I am perverted and it is funny, that’s all a matter of opinion, though.

I could go on, but I think you may get bored if you aren’t already, so I call it quits here. Mmm, comment and add me?