April 13th, 2005

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i eat my vegetables. :D

my name is nika &'m i'm fourteen years old. i live in the part of my town that's considered 'city', but it's really not. psh, just because you live by main st. and a bunch of restaurants..

anyway, i ♥ music, especially indie &emo rock. brand new is my favorite band &i really fancy the old, old taking back sunday (y'know, the ones who wrote go on &summer stars?)

don't add me if you want me to make you layouts &icons. sometimes i take icon requests at my one community, but that's it. i'm usually way busy to do them.

other than that, i'm looking for people who like a lot of the things i do (i don't expect everyone to find simon cowell, hugh laurie, william petersen, &zachary knighton sexylykwo). add me &i'll mosdef add you back. :)
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    The Blood Brothers - Love Rhymes With Hideous Car Wreck
Love is a four Legged Word-FAV!!!!!!!!!!

I love getting comments and I also love commenting back!

Hi all. My name's April and I love making new friends on LJ. I'm from KY and I'm 25 years old. I tend to write a lot of entries and it can be some very heavy stuff. I'm quite blunt and opinionated and I write exactly what I'm thinking/feeling. My life can be quite crazy sometimes and my entries definitely can show that. hehe So if you want to get to know me, add me. Please comment in my journal though telling me you've added me since my journal is friends only. ♥

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Oh yeah...Add me 'cause I really really comment! ;D ♥
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Free PS2!

Add me?

I'm 19, and live in the US. I'm looking for people with some of the same interests as me and who, of course, comment in my journal. I want some people I can talk to...

I don't like racists, homophobes, or any close minded bigots in general.
Besides that, however, what I do like is quirky, down to earth people with a good sense of humor. I like fairly friendly people, I like ambitious, and perverted people...you name it.

I'm a very open minded, opinionated person, who is always up for meeting new people. I love philosophy, psychology and comedy. I'm a wannabe cartoonist, although I'm poor and cheap, so I don't have a scanner...

I love reading, sarcasm and randomness.

So, check out my user info, add me if you are interested!
Oh, and if you do add me, comment on my lame spam post... because my journal is not friends only.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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Hey I'm Kaiya, and I'm looking to meet new people who have the same interests as I do, and I can have some good conversations with. I tend to comment a lot, and it's always great when I get comments on my own journal as well -^-^-.

Comment on my journal and add me if you wish =P. If I don't end up adding you (which is highly unlikely, I like to get a chance to get to know everyone) then we probably don't have enough in common (still, highly unlikely I won't talk to you atleast once).

[Music]: I can't get through a day without listening to music. This list is liable to change daily depending on my mood...at the moment I can't get enough of Sarah Slean, Aimee Mann, Ani DiFranco, Nighwish, and Kotani Kinya
[Books]: The Golden Compass - Philip Pullman, anything by Amelia Atwater-Rhodes, and Please, Don't Kill the Freshman - Zoe Trope
[Movies]: Garden State (and hundreds of others >.<)
[Hobbies]: Art is my life. I love to draw, play my drums, and write...and I hope to make a living out of at least one of these. I also love to play video games, hang out with my friends...and my current obsession is going rollerbladeing everyday for a few hours.

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Add me 'cause I really really comment!