April 11th, 2005

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add meeeee!

i'm looking for friends who update & comment on a fairly regular basis.

my name's sara & i'm 18 years old. i'm a freshman in college & engaged to the love of my life. i love football & baseball, the outdoors, reading, writing, watching movies & shopping. check the userinfo / journal for the rest of my interests & the like.

add me first & comment on the journal.

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(i got a new LJ)

Add me because i rock,And my name is Courtney.

-Im a comment whore
-I post alot of pictures
-i dont take up your friends page by updating 930182740813274 times a day
-Im better than your current LJ friends,I bet i comment more than them too.
-I have pictures on my LJ right now.Just look at the other entrys.
-i actually know how to use a cut<3

Bands; New found glory, NOFX, Anti-Flag ,Thursday,Yellowcard,Sugarcult,The matches,Letter kills,The F ups,Death by sterio,hawthorne heights,The killers,Taking back sunday,Ramones,And many more!

Comment on my friends only post :0

(you dont have to leave a picture,Ignore that rule.
Just post "Add me?" and your all good. <3333333333333333333333

So add me ight cuh?

PS-Sorry if i posted in this community more than once it's hard to keep up with all of my add me communitys :P

Oh and if you add me make sure you add me first?
and dont take me off. I may not be online when you add me.

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Hi. I'm Lauren
I'm sixteen.
And I love livejournal
I comment a lot I need some new people to comment on.
I update a WHOLE bunch. I need some people to commment on mine <3
Add me
and i shall love you forever.