April 10th, 2005

Sing like you think no ones listening </3

Hi guys ♥

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I love- Edward Scissorhands, Bright Eyes, Keane, The perks of being a wallflower,
a series of unfortunate events, danny elfman, gilmore girls, invader zim, thirteen,
aimee, mary kate & ashley olsen, chicago (the musical movie), boy meets world,coldplay,
daniel handler, nirvana, ramen noodles, u2

Yea i'm only thirteen years old but i'm not THAT terrible <3
Name's Brittany, Usually refered to as Britt.

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Thanks ♥
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add me?

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Heres some basic stuff; My name is Kim. I live in the Middle East, but don't originally come from there. The way I act can be defined as odd. I like surveys, quizzes and memes. I can draw okay-ish. Most things to do with japan is good. I don't like eating sushi. Manga and anime is good. I like listening to jpop, rnb and some pop. I get hyper sometimes, and I can get really angry. To tell you the truth, my life isn’t filled with drama 24/7. If something bothers you, tell me.

If you decide to add me, talk to me sometime <3

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music: i listen to a wide range of music from old school hiphop to new school emo\\ch-ch-check it out
||our lady peace||the mars volta||the killers||my chemical romance||slick rick||kool moe dee||usher||amerié||nickelback||whodini||prince||korn||mae||maroon5||and so on...
movies ||nightmare before christmas||escaflowne||the breakfast club||sixteen candles||my fair lady||edward scissorhands||a little princess||the labyrinth||and so on...

i update on a regular. my posts are usually random or my venting but amusing all the same. i always comment on my friends' posts unless they adress specific people or are quizzes and such. if you want to know more about me check my info. my lj is friends only so add me and comment so i'll know and add you back. adios.

add me 'cause i really really comment!!
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