April 9th, 2005

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Kat. 17. california. dork. eats a lot. reads. works a lot.

I'd tell you more but its all the same stuff you would find in my info. If you comment, I'll return the favor... I believe in Karma <3 :) Try to comment on my friends only entry because I dont get e-mails telling me I have comments so its easier for me to just check my friends only entry. Thanks :)

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Well i have lots more pics on my user info page along with a little more about me.please only add me if your actually going to comment!! (ignore my user name,its a long story!!

I'm gonna comment so much.

I just made this Live Journal, and now I'm going to get friends.

My journal is friends only. I don't really think it's that interesting. I'm not going to lie. It's just me talking about shit I do, such as play with rabbits. I complain a lot too. However, I do update pretty often.

I comment on almost all of my friends entries, unless it's really short or they write like 234923 entries a day... Then I feel kind of weird making so many comments. My comments are usually pretty witty and insightful.

If you add me comment, and I'll add you too.

About me: I work at the library. I'm 16. I'm illegally married. I like good music, such as the Smiths, Bikini Kill, Le Tigre, the Mountain Goats, and Ani Difranco. I'm really nice. I like feminism, reading and drugs. I make "graphics" and I can make you some if you just ask, and don't ask for too much. Putting pictures of myself online is weird, cause I feel ugly. I'm not though. I'm not fat. I hate E. E. Cummings too.

Don't add me if: You're creepy or lecherous.

I think that's all. Add me? <33
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