April 3rd, 2005

ADDMENOW.<3 Pretty Please?

name: ashley
age: 13
location: new jersey
bands: the ataris, my chemical romance, the used, the killers, senses fail, yellowcard, green day, taking back sunday, fall out boy, goo goo dolls, jimmy eat world, maroon 5, dashboard confessional, simple plan, planes mistaken for stars, modest mouse, the starting line, poison the well, story of the year, thrice, and more.

I'm pretty outgoing, i'm a comment whore.. i'm not one that talks about "OHMYGOD. MY BOYFRIEND BROKE UP WITH ME. I'M GOING TO GO JUMP OFF A BRIDGE NOW KTHXBYE!!!!"


K, i'm a whole lot more mature then that. If you talk about that shit then don't add me. I will be getting some pics of me soon (when i get my dig. cam) so yaay. Comment on my Friends Only post to be added. If you don't comment, then I don't add you. SIMPLE AS THAT.

Now go add me.<3

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i'm brum. i`m your "typical" city girl living in the suburbs of new york. i look like this , this , and this. i'm an april baby, and my astrological sign is aries . i go through problems like everyone else. i [more or less] think negatively of myself. i have a sick unhealthy obsession with him, her, and this. i have 5 piercings. my ears, my belly button, and my newest one; the nose. i have 2 'hidden' piercings that i take out and put back in every now and then. ever since junior high, it has been my job to be my worst critic. but, i do enjoy criticizing others only because it distracts me from realizing how fcuked up i am. like adam from real world, paris, i think &talk fast. everything that's on my mind comes out. my best friend in the entire world is caitlin ; she`s not only my best friend, but my twin. i`m in love with an amazing boy named brian , and he`s all mine. he`s probally the best thing going for me right now. things like this , this, this, and this make me smile. i don't like hiding how i truly feel. i can't stand people who are fake &can't be themselves. i hate society. i don't like conformity. i'm pro-choice ; if you don't like that; too bad. i want to be me, without any complaints and restrictions. i live in constant paranoia. i tend to forget easily, too. to those who don't know me, they call me a bitch (&sometimes, I can be a bitch), mean, anal, or a 'ticking time bomb.' however, most of my acquaintences &friends know that my "so-called" mean personality is really sarcasm and meaningless insults. it's my way of showing love . i'm not about giving compliments. hell, i don't even accept compliments too well. if i say i hate you, it just means i love you :). when i'm not sarcastic at you, then you should worry if you're on my good side. i do adopt the traits of a spoiled girl . i do get what i want most of the time. i whine and bitch sometimes when things don't go my way. but, i am perfectly capable to go with the flow, too. i'm not big on confrontations or fights. although, if i must, i will kick your ass.

my live journal is friends only. care to read? add me. i'm not promising i will add you. there's this uncertainty about people on livejournal. alot of them are here for the drama, and to write about how sucky their life is. if your like that; don`t add me. if i do add you though, be forewarned .. i do not comment often, but i do read your entries. i only comment when i have something to say. from time to time, i randomly delete people off my list without notice.


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(i got a new LJ)

Add me because i rock,And my name is Courtney.

-Im a comment whore
-I post alot of pictures
-i dont take up your friends page by updating 930182740813274 times a day
-Im better than your current LJ friends,I bet i comment more than them too.
-I have pictures on my LJ right now.Just look at the other entrys.
-i actually know how to use a cut<3

Bands; New found glory, NOFX, Anti-Flag ,Thursday,Yellowcard,Sugarcult,The matches,Letter kills,The F ups,Death by sterio,hawthorne heights,The killers,Taking back sunday,Ramones,And many more!

Comment on my friends only post :0

(you dont have to leave a picture,Ignore that rule.
Just post "Add me?" and your all good. <3333333333333333333333

So add me ight cuh?

PS-Sorry if i posted in this community more than once it's hard to keep up with all of my add me communitys :P

Oh and if you add me make sure you add me first?
and dont take me off. I may not be online when you add me.
amelie zorro

Add me Happy

Taken from userinfo
D.O.B:> 14.05.91
Age: Work it out yourself
Location:London, England
Gender:100% feminine! Oh Yeah!
Starsign: The mighty Taurus xD
Ethinicity: Asian - Vietnamese [100%]
Hobbies: Look down to interests! ^-^
Feeling:Lonely. >_<
Listens to:My fave bands right at this moment - My Chemical Romance, The Killers, Green Day, Lost Prophets. I've just got into AC/DC and Queen as well.

Check out my userinfo for interesting facts.

I love to listen to music, and I like making icons, and sewing. I also play the violin.

acdc, adam brody, adobe photoshop, aim, alias, alice in wonderland, anime, anti spongebob, art, asoue, atheist, attention, bands, black, blood, blythe, books, camden market, cats, chatting, chewing gum, chocolate, cinema, coding, comments, computers, cosplay, csi, cute, dark, digital art, dir en grey, disney, diy, dmb, dolls, dresden dolls, dvds, egl, england, fall out boy, fanfiction, fashion, firefox, food, french, friends, frills, fruits, glasses, gmail, going out, good charlotte, gosu rori, gothic lolita, graphics, green day, happy tree friends, harry and the potters, harry potter, hello kitty, him, hitting things, horoscopes, html, hyper, icons, im, internet, japan, jet, joss stone, jpop, jrock, kandy, kawaii, kerrang, lace, languages, laughing, linkin park, livejournal, london, loose socks, lost prophets, madness, magazines, magic, manga, maroon 5, message boards, money, movies, mozilla, msn, muse, music, my chemical romance, nine inch nails, nirvana, orlando bloom, pgsm, pink, pirates of the caribbean, potc, punk, queen, randomness, ravenclaw, reading, rock, ron and hermione, sarcasm, screencaps, severus snape, sewing, slapping myself, sleeping, socks, speaking gibberish, sweep, sweets, taking back sunday, taurus, the bill, the killers, the lion king, the oc, the used, toy story, tv, uk, united kingdom, vectors, vietnamese, violin, warrick brown, web design, wicca, wierdness, winamp, xmen, xtina, yellowcard, yobling, ♪

I do comment a lot. I try to read all my friends' entries.

Please do not add me if you never comment; only post quizzes, and have bad spelling and grammar.

ADD ME FIRST, and then Comment here to let me know.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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My names Stephen, I'm 26, from England, and I'm into all kinds of music and stuff, the majority of which is listed in my interests thing on my userinfo thingymer, so I won't rattle off a big old list of bands here and send you all to sleep.

I'm just here looking for cool strangers.

If you're one of these, add me and I'll add you back and then we can read, dissect, and pass hideous judgement on each others lives haha. Comment on my journal so I know you've added me, and we can go from there.

Add me, cause I really really comment :-P

Also, no under 18s please, really, we'll have nothing in common :-P