April 2nd, 2005

im sucha whore. . .

comment whore that is!! im Rachel, 16, and uhm i guess im looking for some cool new people. some one i ment in a community is in here. I LOVE COMMENTS BY THE WAY. i do enjoy leaving random comments that have some relivence to the topic and little comments just to make you smile. sorry i also cant spell. so yeah im a little wierd but a pretty good friend. i enjoy music, anything having to do with my first love new york, some sports, reading, writing, dancing, pina coladas, gettin caughtin the rain, blah de dah, and i enjoy wierd twisted senses of humour (see below. oh and uh "Add me 'cause I really really comment!" !!

Eric : So I said to myself, 'Kyle,'...
Alan: Kyle?
Eric : That's what I call myself

much love xox
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My name is Linda and I live in Newyork.
My favorite season is Spring for many reasons like right now [it's raining outside]
I first started to become really interested in music a few years ago while looking through my brother's cd collection. I like bands such as My Chemical Romance, Incubus, Green Day, The Ataris and some Switchfoot too. All different types. If you ever wanted me to check out one of your favorite bands I would. =] I am 14 years old. My favorite actor is Jake Epstein, you might know him from the show Degrassi. I like making collages using tons of pictures. I like livejournal,this is my newest screen name so I'm looking for lots of new friends <3, and I love meeting new people and reading their journals so....

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"




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♥ ♥ ♥ ♥ ♥

I'm Nikki, 17 years old, and from Pittsburgh Pa.

Comment & Read my 'friends only entry' for more.
along with my sidebar & userinfo.

I ♥ new friends. and I could really use some new ones that actually comment lots.

P.S. Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
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It's all right, I'll be at your side.

My name's Tracy and I'm 15/f/NJ, and I envy you if you live in California.

I'm screwed up, but I'm not a quitter. I think people who dislike emo people are very ignorant. I despise hypcrites. People annoy me easily.

On the bright side, I'm nice to be around if you let me. & I love music: I listen to mainly rock, alternative, but I can handle almost every kind of music. I love being in marching band; I play the clarinet and the guitar (and if I really tried again, the piano, haha). I love to sing when no one's around.

I'm really open minded, I promise. I comment a lot, and I love receiving comments. I don't care if you're 50 and wrinkling or 12 and rebelling (you aren't supposed to have an eljay at 12, tsk tsk!), just be respectful.

If you wanna add me, comment on my friends only entry. kthxbye.

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PS. I write lengthy entries at times.

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Tori. 16. I adore oldies & dancing in my underwear. I love music; I play the guitar, the piano, & I take voice lessons. Johnny Depp is my favorite actor, Christina Ricci & Mary Stewart Masterson are my favorite actresses, & Gone With the Wind is my favorite movie. I listen to all genres of music; everything from The Beatles to The Used, Aretha Franklin to Jem. I'm very open minded. Comments & new LiveJournal friends make me smile.

I also have a myspace.

Add me cause I really really comment.

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