March 29th, 2005


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seventeen year old jaded girl looking for interesting & intelligent people of either sex to read and comment her lj, in exchange for the same.

likes: movies! (donnie darko, fight club, pitch black, the united states of leland, ghost world, zoolander, garden state, & many many more), double chocolate chip frappuchinos, reading (everything except historical fiction. fav. authors: donna tartt, neil gaimen, francesca lia block, stephan chibosky), philosophy, thunderstorms, bright eyes, brand new, writing notes, cinnamon donuts, st. augustine florida, candy necklaces, parties, starry nights, writing and receiving comments, living life fully, and multiple choice tests.

dislikes: poor grammar or weird internet typing like "wAz uP hOtTiEs???", peas, mothers who cannot control their children in public places, boys whose pants are too short and show their legs when they sit down, being a pushover,the cold, essay questions, country music (mostly), and mexican food.

i really am looking for people to get to know and that will take an honest interest in me and my life. it's very easy for me to do with other people, so please know the favor will be returned! ♥
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hey you;
cause i comment.
or you could even add me here.
(please- comment here to let me know you added me, or just add me. thanks)

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heyy! i'm michelle & i'm 16
i live in sparks, nevada
i ♥ the used, blink 182, sugarcult, story of the year, new found glory, hawthorne heights, brand new, taking back sunday, kelly clarkson, britney spears, and ashlee simpson.
i comment as much as i can <3
add me if you want
if you do add me, please comment on my friends only post in my journal letting me know

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Autumn is my favorite time of the year. I love Hello Kitty. . I ♥ Britney Spears. I like Abercrombie & Fitch. My favorite color is PINK. I sing and dance while I drive. My drink of choice is lemonade. I’m a Jr.I like to watch football. Hockey is my all-time favorite sport though. I love to color. I love going to the fair. Frank Sinatra is awesome. I love my friends more than I love anything else in this world. I really want to visit Italy. I love my mom. My favorite thing to do is drive around with my friends listening to music.I’m a sucker for 80’s&90’s pop music. I love Cosmopolitan magazine. My favorite scented candle is Macintosh Apple by the Yankee Candle Company. It’s amazing. I’m not a virgin. but I’m not a slut.. I ADORE Starbucks. When I’m inspired, I tend to write pretty decent poetry. I like to kiss in the rain. I’m scared to death of heights.I don’t do drugs. I love Spanish and I use it daily. I drive a 2000 Saturn. Guitars are sexy. I get jealous fairly easily. I want to be treated like a princess, but please don’t put me up on a pedestal. I’m an outgoing person, once you get to know me. hugs & kisses=♥

I LOVE You. Add me if you want.