March 24th, 2005


do what you say! do what you do!

What you'll find in my journal:
  • true openness and honesty.  I started my journal because I want to to learn to be totally transparent.  I want to be unashamedly myself: totally honest and open, unafraid of breaking social laws, colorful and alive.  I want to be just as open with strangers as I am with those I love most. I do my best never to hide any part of me.  Also, I don't believe there is such a thing as TMI, and so I share whatever I feel like sharing. 
  • introspection... it is a journal after all.  I like analyzing myself.
  • polls.  Now I don't really care about comments, but I get miffed when people don't take my polls.  They're so freaking easy!  just click the little box or circle and click the button!  So yes, polls are important to me.
  • photo posts.  This may be of my adorable kitten, Kanika, or of myself (I model as an art form, not a profession), or of my friends, or of my jewelry.
  • happenings -- as in "I went here and did this, and it made me think/feel like this..."
  • rants about society, usually focusing on how it is versus how it could be.
  • thoughts on how humans work... my observations and ideas.
  • the odd meme, placed neatly behind an lj-cut unless it's short.
  • a complete LACK of quizzes.
If that sounds interesting, friend me!  Read my userinfo if you want me to friend you back.  It's a 99.5% public journal, so anyone can friend me and read all the good stuff.

P.S. I comment, but not on every entry -- I comment when a post strikes a cord with me, and my comments are usually in-depth.
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Leave me a comment on my El Jay to be added. Name is Megan.

I'm straight-edge. I'm emo. I'm dorky. I'm a virgin. I'm a writer. I'm a guitarist. I'm a vegetarian. I'm Megan.

I adore/

♥. Honesty
♥. Converse
♥. Virgins
♥ Vegetarians
♥. Pink Eyeshadow
♥. Black Eyeliner
♥. Scarves
♥. Adjectives
♥. Pen Pals++++
♥. Sharpies
♥. Chapstick
♥. Lip rings
♥. New people
♥. Local Shows
♥. Your Mom
♥. My Boobs
♥. El Jays
♥. Mix Tapes/CDs
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+ i'm sheri. ♥.
+ sixteen yrs old,
loner, cynical, unnerving, idontcare.
+ born&living in south carolina,
with my grandparents&mother<3.
+ music; hardcore&emo&indie.
+ passion; honesty&loyalty.
i make no sense at all somemtimes.
+ i ♥ boys who can scream,
&veggie sandwiches,

add me, i comment. (and yes, i read the rules.)

mwah&love. ♥.
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    it dies today - forever scorned
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Name: Mel
Age: 21
Status: Taken
Occupation: Student at Southeast Missouri State (Psych major)

WARNING: My journal includes lots of profanity, SEX, talk of drinking, enter at your own risk ;)

Check out my user info for more about me.

Add me and I promise you won't be disappointed.


i'm jinian. i'm 17.

i have a cold.
i dance in the rain.
sarcasm. humor. make me laugh. i'll love you.
i take & post too many pictures.
i'm a comment whore.
no drama, please.
spelling + grammar = correct.
i type with no spaces. ohfasho.
music diversity = <3.
idiosyncratic behavior = <3.
acceptance & tolerance of others = <3.

add me.

"add me 'cause i really, really comment."
you know how we do.

Hey guys

Im not new to Lj or this community, but Im looking for more LJ friends. I was grounded for a month and I think everyone decided to do friend cuts while I was grounded. x_x I have no life, and Im LJ a lot.

My name: Amber

Age:16 with my license and a car but no insurance

My Hobbies: LJ, writing these awesome stories Ive been writing for about 2 1/2 years

Awesome Bands: My Chemical Romance, Taking Back Sunday, Hoobastank, Story of the Year, Trapt

As you can tell by my icon, I <3 Converse!!!! Their soooo comfy and awesome! Those in the icon are Becca's converse, she dont know Im using them as an icon. XD. Mine are opposite of that, their pink w/ black laces and the white part is black. I love converse and commenting!!!! Add me if you wish!!!! plz I need some new friends!!!!

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I like keyboards and weird electronica bands.
Not because its "scene", because I like it.

I like watching movies like Welcome To The Dollhouse, Waiting For Guffman, But I'm A Cheerleader, Best In Show, A Mighty Wind, Spinal Tap, and that sort of thing.

I have a weird sense of humor and no comedies really make me laugh, the only one to date is, Harold & Kumar Go To Whitecastle.

I put feeling into everything I do. Whether it's a drawing, a writing piece, a picture, a speech, or anything. I'm quite artistic, but I don't usually show anyone anything I've created. I'm modest.

I comment a lot because I'm on Livejournal a lot. I also take pictures a lot because that's just how it goes. I like people who comment on my stuff too.

Theres a long list of bands in my userinfo.

It would be cool if you would comment on my F.O. entry & add me. Because I might not check back here soon.

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So yeah that's me.
Add me if you want.