March 22nd, 2005

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My name is Bailey. I'm 17 years old. I live in Minnesota. I am in love with the transvestite that works at mastercuts. I don't go to a bunch of shows. And when I do go, i'm not moshing. Its not that i'm too cool or anything, its just that your band fucking sucks. I like being spontanious and i'll try anything. I still like making these hearts ♥ even if you think they aren't cool anymore. I make my own clothes. Music interests...blondie, david bowie, the faint, the smiths, blood brothers, ladytron, hot hot heat etc. Yeah I probably have better taste in music than you do. I love writing and drawing. Yeah I have layered black hair like everyone else, but that doesn't mean that I AM like everyone else. Besides my hostility i'm actually a really nice person, I promise :). I love meeting new people. Comment on my entry over here and i'll add you. <3Bailey.


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Shares a journal with her amazing boyfriend.

Loves photography, hot pockets, Livejournal friends, & Jimmy Eat World.
Listens to anything from The Spill Canvas to Norma Jean.

Enjoys spending time with her boyfriend & walking in the rain.

Comments. Enjoys receiving comments.
Looking for people with similar interests.

Add me 'cause I really really comment! (& read rules!) :D

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My name is Jamie... I'm 19 ... I Love music ... I like peoples opinions ... I'm very easily amused ... what else can i say about my self ... favorite bands- mest, good charlotte, slipknot, green day, so on and so forth ... I've been through my share of drama in my life, so im good with advice, and i am also very good at receiving advice, cuz there are still things i have yet to go through ... i live in illinios, somewhere out where the corn grows, haha ... thats about all i have to say

...add me cuz i comment.... yeah, i read the rules, just dont remember exactly how that went...