March 17th, 2005

add me gorgeous :)

add me. i honestly will add anyone that comments here & asks to be added :)

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jenn. love music. loves boys. addicted to livejournal. has the best friends.

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taking back sunday, dashboard confessional, oasis, incubus, interpol, the killers, the get up kids, goldfinger, saves the day, something corporate, my chemical romance, HIM, & tons more.



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my name is kristen<3 i am 18 &a freshman in college majoring in Art. i live in rhode island and sadly i wish i lived in tuscany. im so in love with my boyfriend nate of 14 months now. i love photography, graphic design, writing poetry, and listening to music. my favorite artist's are michelle branch ,maroon 5 ,ashlee simpson ,john mayer,tyler hilton,aslyn &kelly clarkson. my favorite tv show is sex &the city. i want to be a photographer/designer of some sort when i get out of college. i love writing in my livejournal every chance that i get. im a comment whore &a camera whore. if you would like to be added, comment &i'll add you back.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!

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