March 15th, 2005

ball cancer



t h e . g i r l .

♥i'm a music lover.. (most anything.. *especially* indie rock/pop, folk music, 80's pop & new wave)
♥i don't classify myself as anything. labels are for people who need to be told where they belong to feel important.
♥i'm single-ish
♥i'm a blend of happy/sad/pissed.
♥i don't censor myself in my own journal.. you don't like what i have to say.. don't read it.
♥i don't type in sticky caps.. and i don't care if you do. takes alot of effort to type in that manner.. so if you want to spend 10 minutes typing something, go for it :D
♥i don't care if you can't spell worth a crap..
♥if i post a meme, i put it behind a labeled lj-cut. i don't care if you post them.
♥i like sports. i don't fake liking them for guys. i like them. sometimes more than my guy friends.
♥i comment frequently


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Gayest Moment

Hey there...

Hey, I have had a livejournal account for quite some time, but I never really updated it. Now I decided to use it more. So I would like to have some friends, who would comment on my lj and let me comment on theirs.

My name is Katrin and I'm 23, I live in Germany, I love Anime/Manga and my obsession is AFI ^_^
My lj posts will contain some graphics I make in Paintshop Pro, sometimes pictures and just some random stuff that's happening in my life...

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Okay Short and simple

-Looking for new lj storys to read
-I'll try and comment daily
-I update once a week
-Don't add me if your journal is emo or you don't have a sense of humor
-Check out my user info
-Add me and i'll mos def add you back