March 14th, 2005


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Hey all im 18 from ohio and just looking to add some new people. I a very outgoing, openminded person. Im into piercings and tattoos. Music is my life and so are my friends :) I am attached and he is great :) I listen to a lot of punk, industrial, rock, metal but i really like anything just not rap. Green day and the used are my two most favorite bands.

I listen to a lot of others like Deftones, from autumn to ashes, ACDC, slipknot, the starting line, papa roach, allister, GC, sugarcult, hoobastank, fall out boy, crossfade, nirvana, guns and roses, lit, jack off jill, boy hits car, yellowcard, godsmack, Rammstein, Silverstein, 12 stones, Atreyu, and more.

If you wanna know anything else just go to my journal or ask me. And btw my journal is friends only so comment here or in my journal and i will add you. All i ask is that you have at least a couple of things in common with me and you dont act like your a 5 yr old little retard :)

Add me cause i really really comment! :)

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I love to read people's journals and comment, and I love getting comments in this is the perfect place, eh?? lol.

My name is Lucie
I am 20 years old
I live in Maine.........yeah, this stuff is pretty boring, huh?

Moving on..

I like all kinda of music, except, I really don't like rap. Sorry to all those who do. Read my user info to see more about what I like...and if you like, ADD ME! I need some more journals to read, and new friends to make! :) Oh yeah, my journal is friends only, so either comment here or on my friends only entry to be added. If you add me I will add you back, but if you don't comment I will have to cut you. Sorry. :) so...............
come know you wanna!!!!

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Who wants to help me out? I'm looking for new friends to add on here. People who actually comment once in awhile would be super. I comment a lot and I like receiving them back (it's only fair). A little about name is Pam, I'm 17 and I live in Michigan. I write a lot of things in my journal, sometimes serious/important, sometimes not. I don't like stereotypes. Some people find it odd that two things I really like are Paris Hilton and Linkin Park, because they're completely different, and they might be turned away by that. But I have really diverse interests and I want people to get to know me before they pass judgement on who I am. I'm not going to tell someone that they can't be added to my journal just because they like something I don't like or vise versa. Differences are good things.

There's much more located here. My journal is friends only, but if you comment and add me, then you're pretty much 100% likely to be added back.

Comment either here or in my friends only entry, but I'm more likely to see it sooner if you comment here.

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Add me guys, cause I really really comment!