March 11th, 2005


New to l-j and looking to add friends who have some of the same interests as me & if your outgoing & friendly...I LOVE reading ppl's journals and commenting.I've met a lot of good friends through blurty,but Im loving this lj even more...check out my journal! it's friends only so leave me a comment!...y0u kn0w y0u want t0...


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Hey people, came here looking for some people that reads AND comments..

I do try to comment frequently..if you dont believe me you can just go see at my userinfo.

My name's Jimmy and i'm 21 and from sweden..I usually update like, twice a day.

Uhm don't know what more to say really. Hope to get some more friends

add me!!

Man oh man am I sick of having friends that don't comment, so in return I won't comment on theirs. It's like a never ending spiral!! Anywho, I am looking for people I actually want to get to know. Intelligent people with something to say. You know? If you read my LJ info you can mostly see what I am after.

So, if this post looks interesting to you, go to my lj, comment and add.

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hey im sarah
i live in england! i love all kinds of differnt things from 70's music 2 the likes of bonnie mckee and greenday. id say my fashion style is pretty unique i like vintage t-shirts and baggy jeans. im a fun 2 tlk 2 person once you get to know me but after thats its all good ^_~! i love movies am a huge movie freak! erm... i cant really think of anything more else 2 say lol but if this doesnt convince you 2 add me take a look at my interest and then its up 2 you lol!
i try 2 comment as much as i can 2! but my journal is friends only so comment then add me and ill add you back !

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