March 9th, 2005

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Hey Hey Hey!
My name is Victoria but most call me vicki or vic. I like live music, anime and books. I work nights so most my posts will have some odd times on them. I'm learning to play the drums and one day shall have the coolest band on the planet. I love anime particularly inuyasha. I'm tired of having friends that dont comment. Honestly if they are your friends you want some input from them, correct? So here I am one of many people who comment but dont receive many or any. What say you add me cause I really really comment.
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hello everyone :)

my name is natalie.

i want to first say everyone in this community seems so nice!->which is one of the reasons i joined. i also joined because i am sick of adding people who don't comment!

before i came to livejournal i used to be a part of a site called Open Diary. and i was there for 6 years (my diary there still exists actually) and throughout that time i made so many amazing connections with people! and i loved it, that's what drew me to the online journalling thing in the first place. and i have just recently moved permanently to livejournal, this is my main public (or semi-public as my journal is friends only) outlet for my writing. and i would like to create those amazing connections again.

it's not like i want people to comment because i want to know i'm liked, i just want input! and i love hearing people's feedback. i'm a writer, i write a lot and very in depth stuff, and i like to know what people think and feel when they read what i write.

i always comment on other's entries if there is something contained in it that hits me in some way or that i just want to say i liked. i think it's so important!

anything else you need to know about me, my interests & all that, can be found in the interests on my userinfo page, and you can find out more about me by adding me :) i hope anyone here who seems interested will add me because i really really comment! :)

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im kate. i suffer from insomnia, therefore i comment mostly at night. alot. my favorite band at the moment is brand new. i think jordan pundik is the sex. when people comment on my lj, i feel cool. but im not really. i post a lot of pictures. i have a community (no, im not going to promote it here). long island sucks, add me if you agree. or just add me anyway.

comment on my friends only post please!!!

add me cause i really really comment
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Name- Kristy
Age- 20
Gender- female
Location- Altoona, pa

Well, lets see I'm really looking for interesting people I can add and be entertained with reading their journal and that I can comment on.. also they can comment on my entries.
I am however pregnant (31 weeks) with a baby girl. Living in a shelter, going to college and trying to make it through life. Roughly but right now but trying to improve things. So I am always bored and need things to do at this point. (who knows when ali comes though!) but as for now I need friends! So either go to my friends on post on my journal or just comment and i'll add you.

<33 krissy