March 7th, 2005


well, i just made a new journal like three days ago, and this time i want friends that will actually comment.

name ♥ sammie
age&location ♥ 15, central jersey.
everyone seems to care about what music people listen to, so why the hell not!
the strokes; the velvet underground; the beatles; led zeppelin; the rolling stones; green day; bright eyes; the doors; the doobie brothers; & all forms of jazz.

i don't know what else to say, but i'm a comment whore, and most people probably won't understand my entries, but if you like to look in-depth and view things from different perspectives, add me :) i'm too friendly♥

&&& i have a sick obsession with hippies. Collapse )
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    the beatles
sixtycouture - carmen

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Hi. I'm Nikki &I'm Sixteen.
I have a boyfriend that I love very much.

Proud Camera Whore & Comment Whore

Loves; Partying, My Friends, Smoking, Salad,
Bacon &Cheese Subs, Drinking, Lemonade, Pictures

Don't add me if; You're under 15, You're a Straightedge, Have a problem with
hearing about drugs, You're a guy (unless your gay), Don't comment, Don't update.

I comment a lot, Post about drugs,
My problems, My Friends, Partying &tons of Pics

Please check out my userinfo, I've been waiting to
find people like me, so if we don't have anything in common,
don't add me.

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