March 4th, 2005

amelie artichokes have hearts


I am in search of friends!

my names anna, im from jersey, and im a senior in high school, hoorah!

i like to sing, and act, and i love music in general. I listen to a bit of everything, but my favorite bands are INCUBUS, the shins, green day, the white stripes, etc..

I could go on and on with a big list of all the things I like, but who really wants to read that? Just check my info.

I barely ever post quizes or surveys, maybe once in a blue moon. I DO post pictures though ;)

so yeah, add me and ill add you back, i'm not very picky. BUT... ONLY add me if you COMMENT. I comment a LOT, and if you dont comment and/or update I'll be forced to cut you, sorry!

oh yeah, here's some Collapse )

p.s. add me cause I really really comment!
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