March 3rd, 2005


thee person that I hope to be / not bound by anyone's opinion

(doing this 'cause I've found so many awesome people this way!)

I started my journal because I want to learn to be totally transparent. I want to be unashamedly myself: totally honest and open, unafraid of breaking social laws, colorful and alive. I want to be just as open with strangers as I am with those I love most.

Everything you need/want to know can be found in my userinfo:
  • desciptions that my friends wrote about me (I think they can describe me better than I can).
  • what I love to do (beadweaving, bellydancing, skinnydipping...)
  • my favorite music, books, artists, etc. (Portishead, Drinking Sapphire Wine, Michael Whelan)
  • a photo of me (all purpled 'cause I adore purple).

    P.S. if you aren't curious enough to browse my very eclectic website and sign the guestbook, it isn't likely that we'll click.
  • pierced girl

    (no subject)

    im a nutcase. & im lookin for some new lj friends.
    if you want to know anything about me its all in my
    info. i like to make my own layouts/icons, so dont
    steal. im always taking pics of everything and anything.
    i love to dye my hair alot, play ddr & i listen to music
    24/7. but like i said if you wanna know anything else
    about me just go to my info, it pretty much explains it all. ♥

    comment on my friends only post
    letting know you added me
    & ill add you back xo

    (no subject)

    My name is Christina. I am 19 and live in North Carolina.
    My life is not boring, & it is not full of drama. It's in that
    nice little grey area in between.

    ¤ ¤ ¤

    I am a party kid. The kind of girl that spends more of her
    time dancing than sitting. The type that spends more of
    her time at a club than at her house.
    My boyfriend is a DJ so we go to parties (usually DnB) often
    so I talk about the parties a lot in my journal.

    ¤ ¤ ¤

    My favorite kinds of music are:
    Breaks, DnB/Jungle, House, Trance, & Club Mixes.
    I also enjoy:
    Street punk, Oi, Alt. Rock, Raggae, Big Bands, Swing,
    Country, Classical, Hardcore, Emo, & the such.

    ¤ ¤ ¤

    If you want to know anything else about me just check out
    my MySpace account. I have it listed as my website if you
    check out my userinformation.

    And lastly please try to comment to my friends only entry if you would like to add me.
    Not because I want comments on it, but because my e-mail is being all screwy and isn't wanting to send me
    any of the comments I'm getting. So if you comment there I am more likely to see it and add you in return.

    I comment.
    ...and not to promote, just to mention non-chalantly...
    I have a community, add_partykids, for other people like me.
    thx. :)

    (no subject)

    I just joined Livejournal because blurty kept deleting my accounts for being underage.

    I need friends, haha. My best friend's name is Rajaa and she lives in California.
    I'm 17 Years old.
    I love to play guitar.
    I love meeting new people.
    & I'm a comment whore.