March 1st, 2005

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Looking for some new interesting people with a pulse.
All about me behind the cut.
My journal is friends only so leave a comment to be added.
If you're interesting i'll add you.

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And because i'm such a stickler for the rules "Add me because I really Really comment."
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My name is Krhissy.. :)
I'm 19 and from Michigan..
Just joined the community..
Looking to meet some new LJ friends.
Read my user info if you want to add me. :]

Join my community if you want..
_somerset <-- if you live in
MI, you'll understand what it's about.
^^ I hope it's okay I posted this here..
I didn't read anything about not promoting communities.

"Add me 'cause I really really comment!"

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my name is lauryn. i have many interests. i really like my chemical romance. i also like posting and receiving comments a lot. i love to write poetry and songs so add me if you like that sort of thing. i play fastpitch softball every day of the week. i have been playing since 1st grade.

look at my user info and add me if you like what you see. <3
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My name is Veronica. I'm 15, and from NJ. I love to play the piano, oil paint, and play the drums. My favorite bands include Ben Folds [Five], Pink Floyd, The Beatles, and Rammstein. Some of my favorite movies are Willy Wonka and the Chocolate Factory, Napoleon Dynamite, and A Clockwork Orange. Check my interests section if you are ... well, interested!

Add me 'cause I really really comment!"
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Hey (or some other generic title)

Hey I've posted here before, thought I'd try again.
I'm male, 21 years old, engaged to a wonderful girl from New York. I like video games, movies and current events/politics. I think I have a good sense of humor about things, but can often be considered "politically incorrect" about certain things. I am a conservative politically, but love a good argument about such things so long as they stay relatively civil. My favorite videogames right now include Halo 2 and Ghost Recon 2. Some of my favorite movies right now include The Grudge, Death to Smoochy and Dawn of the Dead. I also like Adult Swim on Cartoon Network and reading books, H.P. Lovecraft lately. I am also into artistic photography and sculpture and am a Government major in college, soon to be a law student somewhere.
One more thing. Please only agree to be my friend if you really do plan to post something interesting in my journal. No one-liners like "That's cool" or "LOL". Such activities will mean your immediate removal from my friends list and a visit to your house by the Angel of Death.
Oh, and before I forget:
Add me cause I really really comment!
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Want to be friends?

Hey. I'm Jayden. I'm new to LJ. I'm 16 and really into photography and fashion. I just started but I'll probably be posting a lot of pictures and funny things that happen to me. Which is quite a lot because freaks seem to follow my friends and me around. Oh and I'm from Los Angeles but I promise I'm no crackhead.
Alrighty, add me and I'll add you back. ♥
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guess who really really comments?

yeah, me, Molly that's who. I'm 19 and from Texas and love my cats.

here are some reasons to add me:

  • I comment

  • I am friendly

  • I really read entries

  • I care about my LJ friends

  • I like to make new friends

  • I post lots of fun pictures

  • I dont type like a moron

  • I dont only post quizzes and surveys

  • I know how to use LJ cut

  • I comment

  • I love comments

  • My name rhymes with lots of stuff

Good enough?
Check out my user info and see what we have in common. I prefer those who have at least some interests in common. I like those who are friendly and comment on my entries. I think of it as a give and take thing. If I comment on your stuff you comment on mine. I usually prefer people over 17 but, I mean, I just watch out for immaturity and shtuff if you think youre mature and all go ahead. My journal is FRIENDS ONLY so comment here or on the entry and lemme know.

Anyway, add me.
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