February 27th, 2005

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What I like:
Friends. reading journals. commenting. pictures. commenting on pictures. emo. emo people. black hair. tight jeans. music. nice clothing. non-serious-all the time people. i like to abreviate cause its fun, but i only do it sometimes. examples: ppl, 2, @, idk, w/ etc. parties are fun. going to concerts. talking on the phone. summer. spring. the color green. indie. sxe is chill, you dont have to be for me to like you though. Going to the mall. California.

what I don't like:
ppl who smoke A LOT. Heavy drinkers. People who are always serious. People who cheat on other people. Ghetto people. Fakes. People who change for other people. Mexico. Being sick. being cold. People who dont update their journal. white ppl who try and act black.

Music- !!!, the blood brothers, the spill canvas, coheed, the early november, bright eyes, senses fail, underoath, my chemical romance, tilly and the wall, the used, a static lullably, rilo kiley, taking back sunday, matchbook romance, silverstien, mae, from first to last, dashboard confesional, the get up kids, thrice, days away, like yesterday, auto piolit off, daphne loves derby, this providence, metirc, the mars volta...you get the idea.

add me on my friends only post because i will check that the most.
plz, i need journals to read and comment on.
+++ i need ppl to comment on mine.
thanks. <3
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Rajaa. 15. Vagina. South Florida.

Hell, you know you want to. haha.

+ I comment, on INTERESTING entries.
+ I will comment if you comment on my LJ.
+ MOST of my entries have visual aids.
+ I love meeting new people.

I love emo, screamo, hardcore, and post hardcore. I'm not one of those scene kids.. However, I have many friends who are.

I own an electric guitar. A nice cheap ass one that I got from walmart. Ha.

& I love Local bands.

I love sports, I play Volleyball and Soccer on a team. Hockey, Basketball, and Football are my little side projects.

Friends, phone, family, movies, sports, videogames, anything. Name it; i probobly like it.

Man, If you're one of those fucked up little teenage brats that have no life and always start drama and stuff;; don't bother with me. I'm way mature for your little ass. ha.

I'm open minded. Anti- Stereotype. Anti- Racism. Anti-Opression.

Comment on my FO post and add me first.
Friends Only Post

I also own a myspace.

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That girl would be Allyssa.
She is:
-25% insanity
-23% cuteness
-20% fun
-50% knowledge
-18% beauty
Well, so doctors think, but they have also found trace amounts of other things.
It's still a mystery... Want to be her friend?

Wink, wink.

Hi everyone, I'm Analiese. I just re-joined LJ earlier this week and I'm looking for some new friends. As if that isn't obvious. I'm 17 years old and I live in River Forest, Illinois--a suburb of Chicago.

I do indeed comment regularly and I have a salute in my info for anyone who needs it. Add me, yo.


add mee ++

hey what's up?!? well, i want some more LJ friends=D i comment all the time + i update everyday. i`m 16 my name is JaNae everyone calls me nae nae or nae or jmarie =D! i love pink n im a really cool person just don't piss me off =D so, yeah add me if ya want but, don't add me if you're homophobic or racist =/
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