February 21st, 2005

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Hey. I'm Kaleigh, Kales to friends.
16, female, junior in highschool
I live in a small town in Illinois. I get my fun in odd and random ways.
I am obsessed with photography and emo.
more on my website, located in my user info.
add me?

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I'm Danielle. (Damn that's a good start). I'm 15, from a small town in Canada, and LOVELOVELOVE my music. That looks annoying, and it's annoying me, but I have to get across my love for my music. My favourite band has got to be Led Zeppelin. I also love The Doors, Pink Floyd, The Grateful Dead, Jefferson Airplane, The Who, and The Betales (but more their later stuff). If you don't know much about these guys, then you probably won't want to add me, because I talk about music lots :)

Other than music, I love art, my job at the library, complaining about school, Woodstock, and being addicted to both live journal and hot chocolate. And, I EAT MY VEGETABLES! I try to comment often, and enjoy getting comments back. Before you add me, maybe look at my latest journal entry to see if you really want me cluttering up your friends page :) And if you don't add me, that's fine. I just want to say to everybody: think of three things that make you happy each and every day, and you will be amazed at what you can see when you really look. Maybe it's because I'm artistic and have a way different way of seeing things, but it has made me appreciate life so much more!

Add me cause I really really (try to) comment!

Peace and love, Danielle.
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i have insomnia so im up all night.
therefore, i comment a whole lot.
so add me and keep me busy.
im really cool, i swear.
but add me first because you know
those people who say to add them
and they never add you back. yeah.
its quite sucky. i update way too
much and post way too many pictures.
hellogoodbye rocks. so does senses fail.
the end.

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