February 11th, 2005

  • ohhstop

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adores &&& comments, music, shows, friends, parties, coffee, cigarettes, recreational drug use, myspace, design, clothing, hair, books, makeup, shoes, my boyfriend.

loathes &&& people who dont comment, judgement, survey and meme posts, picture posts without lj cuts, whiney whiney.

ear candy &&& the devotchkas, sick of it all, neutral milk hotel, sex positions, the futureheads, duran duran, the ramones, the sex pistols, janis joplin, the doors, jimi hendrix, bob marley, the police, avenged sevenfold, led zeppelin, darkest hour, martyr ad, a perfect murder, hole, nirvana, alice in chains, atreyu, action action, plain white ts, pink floyd, ska, punk, skinhead, emo, i like it all.

add me & ill add you back.
comment on my friends only post, please.