February 3rd, 2005


Have Journal, will comment.


Relatively new to lj, and still looking for people with whom I click.

Are you click material?

I'm not going to list a huge roster of my interests, but here's me, in a nut shell.

24, open minded, artistic, complicated, rambling, dreaming, gay rights fighting, feminist.

I'm not looking for pointless comments, I'm looking for people to actually communicate with. I mean, through our journals, we're peeking into each other's lives. Sometimes I like to converse about the things I see on the other side of the window.

Do you?
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I comment (but not always)

(doing this 'cause I've found so many awesome people this way! (even if you don't friend me, check out my friends, they're all worth adding!))

I started my journal because I want to learn to be totally transparent. I want to be unashamedly myself: totally honest and open, unafraid of breaking social laws, colorful and alive. I want to be just as open with strangers as I am with those I love most.

Everything you need/want to know can be found in my userinfo:
  • desciptions that my friends wrote about me (I think they can describe me better than I can).
  • what I love to do.
  • my favorite music, books, artists, etc.
  • a photo of me.

    I invest in my LJ friends, so I don't want to add everyone and have a friends list that I can't keep up with. Also, I don't think it's fair for me to have people on my list whose posts I always skim over, so if I find myself skimming constantly, I'll unfriend. On the bright side, that means that if you are on my list for more than a month, I honestly care about you.

    I don't comment on every entry, though I am slowly changing my ways to comment more; but I read every entry at least once.
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    add me-im awesome

    I am no longer 15, i turned 16 on august 25th. Please add me if you actually read the entrys and comment on them too. Im a really open minded person and easy to get along with...unless you get on my bad side,lol.
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