February 2nd, 2005


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Im going to make this easy
Im 19
Live in Toronto with my parents
Dating a 27 yr old who is about to be told to go to hell
Still love the ex who i used to live with
Im a bartender
Studying real estate, will be registered in July
Hopefully Ill be able to buy a condo within the next two years if all goes well
Im commitment phobic but also i think im afraid to be alone
My first ex used to beat the shit out of me, hes in jail far car theft though he wont be there long

I ask tons of questions on my journal. Sure i want advice and answers but i dont expect it. Mostly its just me ranting and getting it out. I seem to usually find the answer myself if i blab on enough.


|x|About Me|x|
-17 years old
-Comments on a majority of your entries
-Loves all types of music (mainly Punk Rock and Rap)
-Dislikes people who only care about being "scene"
-open minded
-Posts pictures occasionally

|x|Looking for...|x|
-People with an open mind
-People who comment back
-People with similar intrests as me

P.S.-If you wanna add me,just go ahead and add.I'll add you back.

Add me 'cause I really really comment!