January 27th, 2005

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19. Asian. Southern California. Comment whore. I don't act my age.


Diversity. Pictures. Late night candy cravings. Other people's insomnia. Reading interesting posts. Making new friends. Music (popular &obscure). Cartoons. Going out. Cool socks. Summers in Cali.


People who only talk to me because they have an Asian fetish. It's creepy, so stop. People who are going to make judgements. 24/7 depression (I'm generally a happy person). Toe jam. The word "moist."


I don't smoke (but it doesn't matter since I can't second hand you anyway).
I drink (only when I'm with my friends, because if you drink alone you're just alcoholic).
I don't do drugs (though not everyone believes me).
I'm hot. Just kidding (well, only a little. ;P)
Get to know me a little by checking out my profile.
Add me first &comment on my journal.

Comment Whore > Comment Whore Friends

Yes. I am a comment whore. I comment on all my friends entries. I don't want any stupid friends. (ie: your entry looks like so "lyke omg i went shopping with my friends *insert stupid names here* and we like saw this cute boy!!") I don't want friends who update 10 times a day and make my friends page scroll. Unnecissarily(sp?). So, add me first, comment here, or on my friends post, and I'll look into it and add you back. Oh, if you want to chat on AIM to get to know eachother, you can IM me on goodbye x signal.

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add if i interest u

hey what's up everyone? I'm here to make friends. Currantly my journal is friends only which means i'm looking for people who are add worthy. I hope you live interesting entertaining lives because i'm a crazy person too.
name:Lobhna "Lubbie"
sign:Leo/Virgo cusp baby
what i do:i'm a full time college student
what i enjoy to do?:
  • go out to eat
  • watch movies
  • listen to music
  • take naps
  • work out
  • cook
  • what vh1 specials
  • watch iron chief
  • experiement with make up, clothes, etc

piercings:left eye brow, tongue, 2 in each ear
full list of interests:a perfect circle, aaliyah, adriana lima, aim, air, alicia keys, all saints, american beauty, anglina jolie, anime, attention, bass, beatles, beauty, being held, big breasts, bjork, black, black hair, black nail polish, blink 182, blue, blue eyes, blue hair, blur, boys, britney spears, bubble baths, candy, cardigans, chemical brothers, chobits, clueless, coldplay, commitment, cowboy bebop, cuddling, daria, dark angel, deftones, degrassi, denise austin, depression, diet coke, elle, emily the strange, england, ex boyfriends, eye brow rings, eyes, family guy, fiona apple, flat abs, fruits, gap, garbage, geri halliwell, gir, girls, green eyes, guitar, gwen stefani, hair, hal sparks, hands, hard candy, hazel eyes, hello kitty, holding hands, hoodies, hot topic, hugs, icons, incubus, invader zim, ipod, jessica alba, jewel, kissing, kittie, lenny kravitz, lisa "lefteye" lopez, london, long hair, love, mac, madonna, make up, making out, mariah carey, moby, mp3s, music, nelly furtado, no doubt, old navy, order, organization, orgy, paul frank, pepsi, photos, pictures, porno, power puff girls, prodigy, queer as folk, quizes, radiohead, rain, rating, red roses, robbie williams, romeo and juliet, rose petals, roses, roswell, sailor moon, sephora, sex, sex appeal, sexy, shakira, sheryl crow, simpsons, six feet under, snow, spice girls, starbucks, sushi, system of a down, taking photos, the sims, the white stripes, tivo, tongue rings, truth, tv, urban decay, victoria's secret, vogue, walking in the rain, watching tv, weight loss, wendy's, wifebeaters, working out, yoga, zero 7, zim
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