January 20th, 2005

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Birth. School. Work. Money. Music. Movies. Food. Sex. Death. Oh, and LJ.
Strengths: Exceptional tastes in music, movies, food and those very few people I choose to spend my time with in real life.
Weaknesses: Hot girls in black string bikinis (hell, hot girls in ANY color string bikinis), LJ photo communities, LJ sex communities, fast food and irritable bowel syndrome (induced, in large part, because of my weakness for fast food).
Special Skills: Getting jobs relatively quickly when I either leave or lose 'em.
Weapons: My wife, my mom, my brother and my cat.
Lost time and money maker upper: Priceless.

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I am 22...23 in like a week and some change. MY LJ is crazy. I am a tv broadcast student in New England. I love making comedy. I post pics, crazy and normal, Videos that we film and edit and all kinds of shizzle. I like to comment and for people to comment..... I love baseball.... Mets fan. HA. that wasn't a joke..... as much as it sounds like one.....

So if you want to read a journal that isnt about drama and stupid quiz thingy's...mine is it
well catch you on the flip side.

oh yea..P.Sing this

let me know on my lj if u added me so I can add you back....