January 19th, 2005

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Hey everyone...I have friends on my friends list...but they dont all comment...some do...but not all of them...I love comments...and I love to meet new people...I love to comment on other peoples journals and stuff...I'm a very open person in my journal...I will write how I feel and all that good stuff...lol...so if any one is looking for some one who likes to comment and is open...that's me...lol...

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♥ her name is ashley
♥ she's thirteen years old
♥ she lives in new jersey, usa
♥ she just got a new lj and wants you to add her

♥ ♥ ♥

♥ BANDS; the ataris. my chemical romance. the used. the killers. senses fail. yellowcard. green day. taking back sunday. fall out boy. goo goo dolls. jimmy eat world. maroon 5. dashboard confessional. hawthorne heights. planes mistaken for stars. modest mouse. the starting line. poison the well. story of the year. thrice. many more.

♥ TV SHOWS; Punk'd, America's Next Top Model, Next, The Newlyweds, there's more, i just can't think now.

now, before you go and add me without knowing a thing about me i'd like to give you some quick facts. fun, yes?

♥ i have a very low self esteem and have very little(if any) confidence in myself
♥ i have a dog named fluffy who isn't fluffy
♥ i play soccer
♥ i am an EXTREMELY picky eater.
♥ i over-obsess over small things and i'm VERY dramatic.

sound interesting? i hope so, i'm not so good at these introduction-y type things.. BUT YOU SHOULD DEFINITELY GO AND ADD ME. why? because i love you, that's why.