January 16th, 2005

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hey peoples.. i need lj friends so add me! now. lol
yeah look at my info page for anything you need to know..

im lookin for friends that comment and actually write in there ljs!
im a comment whore.. so add me? :)
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the name is anna my friends. i'm fifteen years of age. my best friends are Mr. Hairspray and Mrs. Hair Dye. I have famous hair which changes every month. i'm in the mood to meet some slick chicks. guys are okay too. i was born and raised in brooklyn, new york, but i currently live in colorado. yeah, major culture shock there. i'm not much for having groups and groups of friends, i stick to my close few. i don't trust people often because too many have broken my trust. i really don't care how emohxcpunksxerocker you are. i'm a comment whore, and i update often.

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Hiya, my name is Chelly. I have about 28 friend's on my journal, but very few of them actually comment. I love getting comments and reading/commenting on other people's entries. So, please add me! I'm anorexic, and my best friend recently commited suicide, I'm also working on an album so that's alot of what I post about. I also often post about new music, often indie music, that I've found that I like. Add me, add me!?
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add me. (; i'm 13, female, from new jersey US.. um.. I like a lot of music.. anything from ciara, nelly, eminem.. etc. to yellowcard, simple plan, gc, green day.. etc. i like a lot of things soo yeah, lol. I comment a lot(yes, i'm a comment whore) and um, I'm really easy to get along with so if you want a new friend just comment on the first post and ill add you! thanks<3