January 13th, 2005

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she says

I started my journal because I want to learn to be totally transparent. I want to be unashamedly myself: totally honest and open, unafraid of breaking social laws, colorful and alive. I want to be just as open with strangers as I am with those I love most.

Everything you need/want to know (plus a photo) can be found in my userinfo. It includes some desciptions that my friends wrote about me; I think they can describe me better than I can.

I invest in my LJ friends, so I don't want to add everyone and have a friends list that I can't keep up with. Also, I don't think it's fair for me to have people on my list whose posts I always skim over, so if I find myself skimming constantly, I'll unfriend. On the bright side, that means that if you are on my list for more than a month, I honestly care about you.

Add me..I'll give you candy

Hey guys

My name is Marla..I'm 18 and from San Francisco, Ca.

I'm into: piercings, tattoos, concerts, metal, bondage, leather, music, and writing..

Add me. I'm tired of people who don't comment! I'm also a comment whore :D

My LJ is Friends Only so comment if you want to be added.
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try me out?


I enjoy getting to know my friends on Livejournal, and I'd like to meet more interesting people. I do read my friends journals, I may not comment on *every* entry, but I do comment.

I like industrial/ebm/punk music the best, and everything in between for the most part. I love to read- scifi, fantasy, mythology.

I'm pagan, but prefer no further label than that.

You of course are welcome to check out my userinfo.

Thanks. =)

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I'm Heather, 24 (today), Graphic Design major with a minor in Photography =)

I love music (couldn't live without it) pretty much anything except Country and Rap...Thursday, Dashboard Confessional, Modest Mouse, Dandy Warhols, Tori Amos, Tool, Killers, some of my favorites =)

Adult Swim rocks, along with computer/video games (yes I am a bit of a dork ;), but that's ok I'm still cool)

I comment frequently, but not on every post

Just leave a comment and I'll add ya back!
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