January 12th, 2005

Get better my homeboy<333

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Looking for more LJ friends.
My life is all about music.
Once I figure out how to work my card reader Ill be updating with pictures.
I love My Chemical Romance, The Used, Green Day, Taking Back Sunday...check my info for more.
Add me, I comment.
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<3 me plz?

I’m Kelly, 17, and from Boston. If you like me so far check out the info or add me for the gory deets!

My el jay is usually
- PG13+
- updated daily
- interesting
- wicked sarcastic (so get a sense of humor!)
- amusing

So comment on my Friends Only post and add me;) I’ll add yah back *pinky-swears*!

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Looking for more friends on eljay.
I hate fads. Individuality is a must.
I also hate reading boring journals which are just a series of bland events which happened that day.
Otherwise, I'm a nice person.
I like commenting.
I also like emotive writing.
Check out my profile & drop me a line at my journal and add me if you wish.
I'll probably add you back.
But don't crack the shits if I don't.

For now, peace out :)

bored out of my mind..

My name is Sara..
I'm sixteen..
I'm from Maryland..
I comment like it's my job.. (that would be a sweet job)
I update regularly..
My journal is friends only..
I'm pretty mellow..
I like musicals..
I like a lot of music..
I like A LOT of movies..
I don't like drama..
I like new friends..
I think you should add me if..
we have things in common
you aren't {racist, sexist, closed minded, or a grammar freak}
you like to comment
you think I'm cool!

: ) check out my info for some more stuff about me..

comment here or in my journal if you want to add me..
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