January 11th, 2005


i'm daile. i'm 20 (soon to be 21), and i'm looking for interesting people to read and comment on, who will comment on my journal as well. some people may say that i'm not a great commenter, but that's just because they're boring. XD

me: i post pictures pretty often, but i'm a little gunshy about it since i got a Chelsea cut. i'm still trying to get used to it so i'm not as camwhorey as i usually am. that is me in my icon, pre-chelsea. i'm one of those sexual deviants who likes girls and i've been with the same one for nearly five years. we're engaged, so, yay! i like stars and stripes (the kind you wear. or use as your journal layout) but not polka dots, however if you like polka dots i'm willing to over look it.

you: any age, as long as you're over 13. i'm not picky, my sister is 14 and she's my best friend. similar interests would be helpful but again, i'm not picky. basically as long as you're interesting, you comment, and you don't try to make me eat fish, we're okay. (i hate fish.)

so.. add me.

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add me hoooeees <3333333333333

♥My Name is Courtney

♥Im 15

♥I live in Jacksonville FL!!

♥bands; Fall out boy,My chemical Romance,The used,greenday,taking back sunday,Thursday,lifehouse,Death cab for cutie,something corporate,The killers,And more.

♥Im a LJ Whore!;I take lots of Picture,Im a cam whore,I comment ALOOOOT,I love friends,This is a new LJ,My old one is __takemeon

Comment on my friends only post plzzzzzzzzz and i'll add you back asap
dont add if ya dont comment thnnx <33333333333333333333333333333333333