January 10th, 2005

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  • The girl known as volatilesilence, though truly named Alma.
  • Located in Harlingen, Texas.
  • 18 years old
  • Incubus lovin, brown eyed, day dreamer, who can't live without daily doses of sugar and Lifetime.
  • college freshman majoring in Digital Imaging Technology
  • Estudiante de TSTC.
  • Hopeless romantic...Lovable, caring, nice, sweet...girl.
  • Loved for my sense of humor. Loves to laugh, stay active, and talk.
  • Longs to live in Italy and live a simple life.
  • Too serious about stupid things for my own good.

    only add me if you comment a lot. don't add me just to make your friends list longer. my journal is friends only, so if you want to add me, comment on my journal. i'll add you back as soon as i see your comment.
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    I just did my first semi large friends cut.
    And now I need new cool people to comment.

    My name is Melissa.
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    Daphne Loves Derby, My American Heart, Cauterize, Armor For Sleep, The Juliana Theory, Snow Patrol, Brand New, The Lyndsay Diaries, Brand New, Emery, Fall Out Boy, The Acadamy Is, The Starting Line, From First to Last, Bright Eyes
    +++trillions more, but those are my favorites right this second

    Garden State, Moulin Rouge, The Notebook, 28 Days, White Orleander, The Breakfast Club, Ferris Bueller's Day Out, Twelve Angry Men, Schindlers List, A Walk to Remember, Momento, Girl Interrupted, The Laramie Project

    And if that isn't enough...I like to comment. And I like people who comment me too.
    Plus, I like radness & I'm sure you are

    Add me lovers

    PS: comment on my friends only entry. nobody ever does though, so its okay if you just do it here i suppose.
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    I'm Tori. Sixteen. Music. Movies. Poetry. Writing. Pictures. I love The Used, Taking Back Sunday, My Chemical Romance, and Green Day. I'm really open-minded about everything, expecially music. It would be awesome if you could introduce me to some new bands. I hate my braces. I hate math. I hate rain. I love writing. I love Billie Joe Armstrong. I love Mary Stewart-Masterson. Sometimes I need to get over the fact that I am just "one of the guys". I write a lot of lyrics and poetry, I take a lot of pictures, and I love to comment. Although, if you don't comment on my entries, I'm not going to comment on yours.

    Add me?

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      "Hang 'Em High" -MCR
    Playing guitar

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    Dude, this is definitely the add me community for me.

    Hi, my name's Tracy, and I'm a 15-year-old Asian girl in (Southern) New Jersey. I love music, school (sometimes), karate, band, etc. etc. I'm your normal teenage girl with a semi-life going through the same problems (to an extent) as some others do.

    I've recently made a few cuts to a few friends that haven't commented and such. I have loads of room for more friends ;D I can probably bet you that I've commented more on any of my friend's LJs than they have commented on mine, so you can figure that I do comment. :P

    So, anyway, if you really wanna know a little bit about me (other than this little bit), then you can wander on over to my out-dated user info.

    add me?

    i'm nicole & i'm 15, 16 next month. i'm a sophomore at a potentially decent school. my friends, soccer, & music are my life. there's a lot more i could say, but i'll leave that up to you to find out. add me if you want <3

    i do comment.

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