January 8th, 2005


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name:Sapphire..some people call me Lexi tho

favorite bands: Taking Back Sunday, The Used,My Chemical Romance, Nirvna, Muse, Brand New,Thusday, Green Day, Bright Eyes, the cure, Radiohead, The Postal Service,Weezer, Snow Patrol, AFI, The Ramones, The Strokes, Nine Inch Nails, Sugarcult,Yeah Yeahs Yeahs, Thrice, The Killers, Incubus, Motion City Soundtrack, The Walkmen, Phantom Planet, Boxcar Racer, Lostprophets, The Clash, Sum 41, and AC/DC

favorite movies: Edward Siscorhands, Closer, Talented Mr. Ripley, Napleon Dynamite, Oceans 11 and 12, Romeo and Juliet, Love Actually, Donnie Darko, Pirates of the Carabein, Troy, Finding Nemo, Big Fish, Kill Bill, Peter Pan, Finding Neverland, Shaun of the dead,Virgin Sucides, Saved, Alfie, and The Girl Next Door

T.V.:The O.C., That 70's show, Gilmore Girls, Degrassi, Lost, Scubs,Will and Grace, Friends, Sex in the city, entourage, i loved Laguna Beach when they still had it, real world(not this year tho), Real world road rules challanges, and re-runs of old t.v. shows

I try to comment as much as possible.

add me<33

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just another night in Nantes

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Hello, I just joined and my name is Andie.
I joined because I would like to make some REAL friends from lj.
I have already have gotten some lj friends that are in this community, but there is always room for more.
If you would like, you can add me.
Just make sure you comment on my friends only post so I know you added me, so I can add you back!

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aka jenn
east brunswick nj
sense of humor
lover of emo,punk,rock,metal
loves sponge bob,
meeting new people
digi cams
the color pink
sushi & mood rings
playing pool & nintendo
the stone onyx
peace signs.hearts.stars
and other stuff.. ;]
hates glue. jocks
pot. drugs.
peanuts && smokers
the words dyke and faggot.
sexiest.. raciest..
hitler..presdent bush.
hyrpcrites. mean people
annoying people.. um
people who get jealous too MUCH.
WhEn PeOpLe TaLk LyK DiS.
brah.&& other things.;P

comment.. add ill add u back
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Hey guys.

My name is Kara and I'm 16 years old and live in Central Florida.

I'm looking for some more LJ friends because I find it interesting to read about other people's lives and comment a lot. I want lots of comments back on your opinions and what not.

I also love to take pictures and am looking for people who do the same.
I don't want LJ friends who constantly critisize themselves to the point where they're suicidal. (who does right?)

A few things about me: I see myself as athletic (played basketball for 5 years), love my friends, love my boyfriend who I've been dating for 8 month now, I love to drive, and I love my Chihuahua Sadie. She's one of the best things that I've ever gotten. :)
Going to the beach and getting a tan is my idea of a good time, along with scary movies, and looking at old pictures of my friends and what not. It's fun to remincese.

Anyways - add me and get to know me. If you don't like me, then just delete me.

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<3 Kara **

here it goes...


- Interests and music are all in my info so I'm not going to bore you, one click away! Hmmm this is my PRIVATE journal so I suppose expect, private, non day to day stuff in here.
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